Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Biggs Finish!!!

 You've been following this quilt for 8 years now.  This week, finally finished the hand quilting.  While taking photos, was a bit disappointed in a few bits, so there will be some more hand details added at some point.  Or maybe not.   Time will tell.  25 blocks.  I did the first 15 blocks in 2014-2015. 10 blocks Fall 2020. Swags 2021. Started quilting January 2022.  Finished May 2022

Monday, April 4, 2022

Scraps beget scraps


On my Wall of Shame  (the design wall with ignored & neglected projects), were several improv blocks using up the leftovers from this pair of quilts.  The quilt above was a wedding quilt for my daughter and the one below, the Groom's Quilt made to go with it. 
 I decided to attack a bucket of scraps.  
Only to discover that there were also scraps left from another pair of wedding quilts. 

Several hours of sew, press, trim and it was quickly building into a small rectangular shape. 
But the bigger it got, the wonkier it became.  All those bias edges !  Even with tucks, I couldn't make it square up.  After an hour or so, I decided to quit fighting it and just let the shape be what it wanted.  Who said quilts have to have only 4 sides anyway?

And eventually, I got to the rest of the bin of teal fabrics.  

After a couple days of sewing, I have 29 teal, 6" patchwork blocks.  My intention was to turn them into HST blocks and make something to go with the orphan blocks (shown bottom left) from the quilts at the top of the post. Turns out there were very few purple scraps, so my original plan isn't going to work.  I'm setting these aside for now

The scraps from the previous post's set of projects are now NICU quilts with flannel backing. 

And all my friends & family's doggos will be well dressed with fashionable scarves.  

Thursday, March 10, 2022



Friday night, a friend posted a picture of her wearing a cute apron, and I decided to make one for her from a pattern I'd bought but never used.  I found this floral and coordinates in the stash, purchased for a quilt I never made 10 or more years ago.  It was so cute, I had to make one for myself too. 

There was also a stack of 10" precut squares from this line.  I made this into a 60" quilt top for a friend's new charity Threads of Faith. It will be stitched in the ditch, then a team of volunteers will tie the quilt, while praying for the recipient during the process of tying the knots. 
There were still some big scraps in weird shapes.  These became the top of a NICU donation quilt.  
It's 30x36" and will be backed with flannel. 

Still lots of little scraps.  So those are turned into doggo collar scarves. 

That was fun.  Now back to things I was working on before the distractions.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Retirement Countdown Quilt


I have started a new quilt for myself. A block per week, reflecting something I experienced. They are 4 inch blocks to countdown the 196 weeks until retirement. Block 1 is our conversion to a new computer system at work. The login for our region is Mountain Epic.

I've decided on a color pattern sticking with the blue side of the color wheel: lime, green, teal, purple, pink and, of course, my FAVORITE color Fuchsia.  That's the reason my yellow crocus are chartreuse.
Block 2 celebrates crocus and bubbles.
Gold Digger sparkling mimosa at Blue Bench Brunchette.

Block 3 is the “blessed biscuit” given to me by a stranger when I was visiting the Pechersk Lavra in Kyiv

3 down 193 to go.

Friday, February 4, 2022

January Progress


Slowly making progress on handquilting Biggs.  The row nearest the camera is complete as well as 2 sides on the borders.  My current strategy is to focus on one row at a time from the outside in.  This is perfect weather for hand quilting without a frame.  Need to finish before it gets warm
Most of the Sashiko centers are finished, so this is 1" filler grid and  3/4" wide rows to the swags.

Each of the corner "stupid flowers" are boxed in with an extra double row of hand stitching.  That part is finished for the whole quilt.  Now just some narrow rows out from the flowers, that serves like stippling to make the machine quilted flowers pop. 

 I also did a bit of sewing.  This is a Kimono style jacket, Simplicity 8172.  I made one last year out of a knit that was heavy, and made me feel fat rather than someone wearing a flowing jacket. I found a purveyor of used silk saris on line.  It's much better, but I may look for a different design to use the other 3 I bought for light jackets and skirts. 

This month I've also been working on decluttering.  We successfully passed along a couch and large display table which makes the living room feel twice as large.  I have re-homed dozens of books.  And like most home projects things spiraled out of control and the living room project became an extra project in the bathroom.  It's complicated. 
(The removal of art & wallpaper border became paint & new cabinet pulls.)