Monday, November 18, 2013

Wine Tote

I was thinking it would be nice to make a bag to deliver a "get well" bottle of wine for a friend.

Clearly that spiraled out of control when I found a tutorial at Needle and Spatula.

I was going to do some cute free motion quilting, but the walking foot was on the machine, so straight lines it is.

It's pretty straight forward, though the double layer of batting did cause quite a lot of shrinkage, so my final cut out was 6.25 - a bit smaller than the directions.  I also ignored the step of cutting out the oval on each piece before stitching.  It makes more sense to sew the front to back at the oval and keep the lining loose per the directions.

The whole thing went together in about an hour.  Only negative about the directions is that I'd like to know what the final dimensions were supposed to be after quilting and before assembly.