Sunday, August 13, 2017


The big tidy up is over.  It took longer than expected as I went through all the bins of patterns and re-organized.  Hopefully, this will also keep these books from doing their annual dive off the shelves when I move more than a couple items.
I have this master plan to not impulse buy fabric.  But I really can't resist a bargain.  These are the bulk fabrics, mostly bought on sale at a deep discount.  Except for that purple batik. It's an emergency back up plan for my friend Pat.  I was several hundred miles away with her daughter when we picked out a fabric for a wedding quilt.  She told her daughter to buy far less of this fabric than I think she needs.  And if I'm wrong, I really, really like it.
This is the sanctioned large yardage stash.  With the Jelly Roll and Friendship squares above.
This mess from the desk...

Got re-filed into 2 small yardage drawers, the Temperature Quilt Project, and the Project #3 of the Big Ass Teal Cat leftovers.  
And there's actually room for my sweet granddaughter to hang out with me now.


It's been a busy summer with wedding, baby, gardening, house projects, funerals and helping friends and family.  We try to get out on the motorcycles each weekend as well.

Earlier this summer, when it was still relatively cool, I did make some progress on the hand quilting on this huge quilt.  About 13 more of the tan squares to go, which puts me somewhere around the 70% finished spot.  Should have it done by the end of football season.

One terribly hot weekend, I pulled out my Benjamin Biggs applique and worked on a few squares.

The sewing room is a disaster.  Not only have things been piling up from neglect, it was also a staging area for the wedding things, and we had windows replaced in this room.  This is today's goal to get this pulled back together so I can actually work in here.

Took my first steps that direction yesterday, replacing the velcro style hangers with double sticky tape.  5 of the 8 panels I made had fallen off.  I guess the relatively light weight of the panels combined with the fact that the squishy foam doesn't allow good pressure for adhering the hooky parts to each other.

 My goal today:  Finish the room tidy, and get back to work on the 2016 Temperature Quilt.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Little Dress

 This happened this week.
 Which means some Grandma sewing.  I found a free dress pattern on line made by Rae Hoekstra. You can get the pattern for free at little darling is only 4#, so I made the adjustment above to her pattern. For the skirt I used a 30" strip for a slightly less full skirt.  I considered making the skirt shorter, but decided to leave it long.   I also used a flat feld seam rather than the instruction's traditional seam treatment.
I made a few adjustments to make the dress reversible

  A slightly different side seam treatment so all the raw edges are hidden. 

Since I am using Batik, it's nearly impossible to tell one side from the other, so I just added a band on the lower edge as a finish.

Now THAT's a party dress.   Ready for her Aunt Whitney's wedding next month.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Our first grandchild is due in June.  Our daughter really wanted coral and lavender, which it turns out are difficult colors to find this season.  I opted for something really simple with a few scraps on the corners.

 I discovered that while I am feeling confident about feathers with they are 4" or less, these long feathers were challenging as I couldn't see where I was "driving" on that domestic machine.
 Considering that I was fighting a head cold while I was making this, I am pleased that the straight lines are pretty straight.  And the feathers look good from a distance.
Best of all.  The binding is done and this is officially FINISHED!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Diamonds Finish

I finally managed to finish the Diamonds Quilt.  It was made with the remaining fabric from the Teal Cat for an undisclosed recipient who will be receiving the gift this summer.
My original plan for the quilting was just parallel lines (I can't really claim they're "straight) with the walking foot.   I started with the dark blue background.  By the time I was finished with that, I was ready for something else.  And besides the feathers were actually easier than straight lines when it comes to bulk of fabric being shoved through my domestic machine.  And I fell back to my favorite square flower for all the centers. 
And the back is pretty cool looking on it's own as well. 

Thanks again to Jacki Kunkle for the design inspiration (link to her original quilt on my previous post) and Lori Kennedy for the square flower quilting idea. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017


This quilt moved along quickly, despite having to make 2 additional sets of HST. It's around 65" square.

To me "BEING A QUILTER" involves all aspects of the quilt, including the back.  I am very happy with how these strip look. However...
...there are some gaps

My solution was to patch that lower bit.  

And I got feed back from my inspiration designer.  
You can avoid all my frustrations and just buy her pattern.
Diamonds in the Rough

Saturday, March 25, 2017

HST Diamonds

I am working on a quilt for a secret recipient, using the leftovers from the Big Ass Teal Cat quilt.
Here's where I ended day 1. 

This is a do-over of the Citrus Squares Quilt that I did in 2012.  I borrowed the idea from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works.  
I took advantage of the fact that my design wall panels fell off the wall and used 2 to help with this project so I could do it in the front room (where the TV is).  I'm sewing this project on the Singer 15-91 that I bought from my buddy Boomer.  Because it's too pretty not to.  It has some tension issues / attitude that I'm still working out.  But I totally love the heel activated presser foot!
The sun was shining this afternoon, so I had to take advantage for this photo - op in full day light!  This is about the 2/3 point.
And where I'm ending tonight is with the lay-out of the last section.  I completely mis-judged how many squares I needed, so this is the 3rd round of HST.  Despite that, I think it is not particularly noticeable that there are new fabrics in some parts.  (AAARGGGHHH!  I just noticed some bits on the lower edge I feel compelled to change...since I still can)

Will decide tomorrow if I'll add borders or just leave it lap size with an edge-to-edge design.