Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quick Update

I am nearly done with the fussy part of this applique.  Five more feathers and a banner below the shield and I can move on to the lettering.

This project has been made far more difficult by my decision to use a black background, preventing me from using my usual techniques and relying on ones that are annoying and take more time. My goal on this section was to create as much contrast as possible with a grey logo.  Up close, I don't like a lot of the color details, but the result is the contrast I was looking for.  And the good news is that of all the things that I considered re-doing, I don't mind terribly at this distance, so I'm leaving them for character.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Logo Quilt

The background fabric arrived.  After washing it, I pressed some registration marks (centers both ways and another line 14" up from center), then I hand basted those lines in light thread.  For the wings, I decided to try some "front basting".  I copied the design onto template practice with marker, then used that with a "light box" (dining room window) to trace the feathers on to the front of the fabric using pencil. I then trimmed that to a reasonable size.  This is me positioning that onto the background using the plastic template.

I basted on the pencil line then trimmed.  The feathers will be slightly further apart than the original, even with the narrowest seam allowance I could muster.

I will be machine quilting this quilt.  I was testing some concepts on some practice panels.

The organization is comprised of police, fire fighters and emergency response.

My FMQ is getting better.  Trying a couple variations of filled logo vs open logo with filled background was informative.

There are still about 3 different variations of background designs I'm sorting through in my head.  Once the applique is finished, I think it will be easier to determine which will work best since the issue is largely a matter of scale.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I am absolutely in love with my newest project.  

It is the shield  portion of the logo for our motorcycle club.  I have been planning this for about 2 years, with the outline taped behind my sewing machine for over a year. 

The scale on this is pretty small so the boar was pretty fussy to stitch.  And since it blended into the background, I also had to add a row of dark grey embroidery to make it pop.  The other tusk, mouth, cheek and ear will be quilted following the pencil lines there.  

I have absolutely loved this part of the project. 

So now I am moving on to the hate part of the post.   Because I am putting this on a black background, I am not going to be able to do my usual back basting technique.  I've tried dozens of marking pens and pencils on black and have not found one yet that holds up for the job.  

So I am doing freezer paper w/ starch method.  Which I find extremely tedious and time consuming. 

Oh well.  I have time.  Since the club requires American Made motorcycles, I thought it was the perfect excuse to try the new American Made Fabric line.  Unfortunately, it's not carried by any of my LQS, so it's on order from The Fat Quarter Shop. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I can't seem to finish anything lately. Here is 1/2 finished center of my newest applique project.
And half of the September Benjamin Biggs block.

Plus this scrap quilt that is nearly half quilted.

On the bright side, my "Nadine" quilt has a new owner.  "Papa Stumpy" just had heart bypass surgery and I thought he needed a constant hug.  The challenge is convincing him it's a quilt to use, not one just for looks.

This weekend is supposed to be cool and 50% chance of rain.
 Looks like quilting season kick-off weekend for me. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saddle Bags

And now for something entirely different....
Hubby and I bought new baggers last week.  I spent much of the 940 mile break in rides designing custom inserts in my head for the hard saddle bags.  The Road King came with an open-topped bag that fits into the hard bags.  The concept being that you can pull the bag out and carry it into a hotel when you do an over-nighter.

Can you look at those Victory bags and not think of the Jetson's cartoons from the '60s?

I started my morning templating the inside of the bag with cardstock.  As you can see, there were several challenges including a 1.5 inch difference from the bottom of the bag to the area flush with the lid, some weird angles, and a 2"x 3" block for some type of equipment that sticks up in the bottom corner of the bag.

After a couple hours and too much coffee, I have a paper mock-up of what will become the rear bag on the left side.  It will hold the things I always keep in the bag like sun screen, first aid supplies, etc.  The front half bag with be the over-nighter hotel bag.

Having done this part, I am now completely re-thinking how I am going to divide this bag up.

I better go take a ride and give it more thought.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LE Flowers 3

I continue to make very slow progress on the flowers.

I opted for a mix of methods for this section.  I am using a bias strip method for the stems, but back basting for the flowers and leaves.

I had abandoned this project earlier finding that it was too busy of a pattern for my taste.  I also don't like making the same thing multiple times, so I have opted to make each of the corner floral designs different, blending flowers from the provided designs for #3 & 4.  I also changed the shape of the vase.

I'm afraid I'm losing momentum again, so another post may be after American football starts and I have something else to distract me while I stitch.

Monday, August 18, 2014

LE Flowers 2

I'm not sure whey this loaded upside down.  Here's a better view of the flowers in day light.
Time to baste some more leaves.