Wednesday, September 16, 2015


That awkward moment when it's been so long since you've posted on the blog, that a regular reader sends you an email to see if you are alive.  (Thanks Amy)

This photo summarizes my summer.   I always wanted a "Pool Boy", but the Bike Boy thing is working out pretty well.

I've ridden nearly 14,000 miles since I bought the bike 1 year ago.  95% on lovely curving mountain roads.  I've killed A LOT of bugs. (Thus the Bike Boy photo)

Made many fun discoveries.

How can you NOT buy a beer called "Quilter's Irish Death".   Iron Horse Brewery is in Ellensberg WA, but I bought this at a convenience store in Enterprise OR!

Keeping the saddlebags full of wine.

I fell victim to a few quilt shops.  1/3 yard cuts of batiks I did not yet own.  I thought I had been really well behaved until I started cutting these into friendship squares and had a shockingly good sized stack to share with friends.

I have still been trying to sew and incorporate what appears to be my Steam Punk vibe into sewing clothing.... but I get sidetracked by amusing things that don't really fit (literally or figuratively).

Still working away at the big stitch project, but started a new applique project last week.

Weather is cooling down.

More posts to come.