Finished Projects 2016-Now


Three Dudes Quilt (with unintended modifications)

Machine pieced and quilted.
Sept 2017- April 2018

 Dragonfly Challenge

Johanna Basford design.
Machine quilted
March 2018
 Katy's Jelly

Sept 2017- March 2018
Machine pieced and quilted.
Seashell Pillow Case

Started 2000, Finished 2018.
Needle Turn applique
Machine & hand quilting.


Coral and Purple
Owner:  Kaylinn Rich
April 2017
Machine pieced and quilted
Owner:  Tyler Hiney
March-April 2017
Machine pieced & quilted
Big Ass Teal Cat
Owner:  Whitney Hiney
Nov 2016- March 2017
Hand applique.  Machine & Hand quilting

St Sophia's Mosaic
Proof of concept sample
Jan 2017

Raw edge applique, machine quilting
15"x 19"


Owner:  Rob Hahn
Dec 2016

Machine Pieced.  Machine Quilted

Giant Churndash
Owner:  Keeley Rich
Aug -Oct 2016

Machine pieced.  Machine Quilted

Alice's Elephant
Owner:  Alice Connley
August 2016

Hand Applique.  Machine Quilted

Arizona Basket Pillow
Owner: Rutledges
Started: Nov '15, Finished: Jan '16
Machine Paper piecing, Circles hand appliqued (center and on background),  Hand & machine quilted.

Started July 2015, Finished Jan 16
Machine pieced & quilted
Details post

Ojibwe Beadwork Inspired Quilt
Started 2005.  Applique finished 2011.  Quilted February 2016.  Needle Turn Applique, Machine quilting.
Details Post

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