Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter to Fabric

Dear Batik Stash,
The purpose of this letter is to put you all on notice.  Many of you have been sitting safely in bins earmarked for specific projects.  I know many of you feel safe from ever being used.  That all ends today. Browns...I know you thought that you would someday be pinecones or Ponderosa pine bark, but some of you are destined to be popsicle sticks.  Thanks for being willing to take one for the team.  Greens...you are on stand-by.  You may still become leaves, but Beetle Bailey needs a hat.  Yellows....I'm disappointed in you.  I thought there were more of you waiting in the wings.  I think there are some deserters.  If I ever find where you are hiding, I will promptly put you into service. Trusty Blues and Raspberries...thanks for always being there.  I can always count on you.  Welcome to the new members of the stash...Pastels...you do a great job of making everyone else look good.  Pinks, Oranges & Cherries...this is your shining moment.  I bought you just out of sheer joy.  Gathered one or two at a time, you are now a cohesive team.  Work together and make me proud!  I look forward to getting to many of you intimately over the next few weeks.  Thanks for your absolute beauty and sacrifice. 
Love always, Applique Addict


Michele said...

Cute, Margie. You've got a real take-no-prisoners attitude here that should translate well into more beautiful quilts.

Marjorie said...

I am totally shocked. You are my Anonymous, Lurker #2. What's with the traceable post????


Love this post. Made me laugh.

Rae Ann said...

Cute post! Can't wait to see all that turn into those pretty quilts that you make.