Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Give Away!!!

Aren't these pretty!!! Don't you wish that you were Connie from Make Everything Right.  She's the lucky winner, who's entry was being a blog follower.  Today is my birthday, so I included the number of squares that match my age!  They are all different patterns...and I didn't even include all of the stash (sad, huh).

But while I was sifting through the stash for fabrics to bring my total up to..um...ehem...29(tee hee hee) I decided that I needed some runner up prizes.  I also figured out that if I only include fabric in the envelope, I can mail 12 of these squares for a First Class stamp.
1. From the Coral Reef Hawaiian Quilt.  The blue is the back.
2.  From the Joseph's Coat Quilt Along.
3.  The fabric that Guitar Girl picked out for the back of the Joseph's Coat. (I just borrowed a wee bit)
4.  Fabric for the Epic Road Trip hexagon project.  (7000 mile road trip...lots of time for hand work)
5.  The backing for Skater Girl's I Love You More quilt.  I spent more $ on the back than the front.
6.  Random fabric from the stash that rounded out the selection.

Winners are:
West Michigan Quilter said...LOL. You are so much like me. I love applique and not really into piecing. Love your Joseph's Coat. I have the instructions and drafted my pattern, but still have to start it. Love your colors.

yetunde said...i love your blog and i am just loving your applique birds. i am going to have to find those birds. love all of your applique work.
Handmade by Mai said...I really love your sew a long quilt. Beautiful colors. What I'm going to make with your charms. I'm going to use them for a charityquilt.

Winners - send me your mailing address by Friday, or I will re-gift.

So I'll wrap up today with a philosophical question.  I've long argued that people who like to put together quilt tops but have someone else do the quilting should refer to themselves as "Piecers" not "Quilters".  Now I'm wondering if all those swirly, watercolor effect dyed fabrics in the batik section (of which I have a lot) should be called batiks, since they do not have any wax-resist designs.


Cecily said...

So jealous! Those squares are BEAUTIFUL!!

Jen said...

Congrats to the winners. I like your idea of more specific terms. Maybe the non wax-resisters could be called batikwannabes or batikishes.

connie said...

Yipee, you just made my day!!! I have e-mailed my address to you. I can not believe my good fortune. I will have to applique with them of course... Happy Birthday!