Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Terrece Beesley

OK...I had an AMAZING birthday...and I have this really great applique project that I worked on today, that I plan to tell you about, plus share tutorials and patterns.

But I'm going to explode if I can't tell someone about my BIG NEWS. I just got copyright permission and the artist's blessings to make a quilt based on one of Terrece Beesley's amazing watercolor paintings.  Here's a nibble.  You'll have to go to her website and drool over her paintings.

I was originally thinking Ice Cream Melting. But Oranges and Pomegranates is the original that I would be inclined to buy.  The nibble is a tiny bit of Momsicles Popsicles (oh man...she has a print available of that too...cool!!!)
There are a couple others that are on her Facebook page.  Summer Solstice or Go Fish????  Help!  I get to make one.  Which should it be?


Laurel H. said...

Those are incredible paintings!! Did you see the detail in "Sweet Tooth"? I'll definitely be looking out for your quilt based on one of these!

Dresden Quilter said...

Happy Belated Birthday!