Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quick Update

I am nearly done with the fussy part of this applique.  Five more feathers and a banner below the shield and I can move on to the lettering.

This project has been made far more difficult by my decision to use a black background, preventing me from using my usual techniques and relying on ones that are annoying and take more time. My goal on this section was to create as much contrast as possible with a grey logo.  Up close, I don't like a lot of the color details, but the result is the contrast I was looking for.  And the good news is that of all the things that I considered re-doing, I don't mind terribly at this distance, so I'm leaving them for character.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Logo Quilt

The background fabric arrived.  After washing it, I pressed some registration marks (centers both ways and another line 14" up from center), then I hand basted those lines in light thread.  For the wings, I decided to try some "front basting".  I copied the design onto template practice with marker, then used that with a "light box" (dining room window) to trace the feathers on to the front of the fabric using pencil. I then trimmed that to a reasonable size.  This is me positioning that onto the background using the plastic template.

I basted on the pencil line then trimmed.  The feathers will be slightly further apart than the original, even with the narrowest seam allowance I could muster.

I will be machine quilting this quilt.  I was testing some concepts on some practice panels.

The organization is comprised of police, fire fighters and emergency response.

My FMQ is getting better.  Trying a couple variations of filled logo vs open logo with filled background was informative.

There are still about 3 different variations of background designs I'm sorting through in my head.  Once the applique is finished, I think it will be easier to determine which will work best since the issue is largely a matter of scale.