Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Delft Blue

My apologies to followers who were psyched for the bookcase quilt.  Life has taken a turn and I'm currently full time primary caregiver for my adorable granddaughter in addition to working full time+.   I am lucky to have a couple hours a week to work on quilt projects.

A couple months ago, I was inspired by this Delft Platter to make a quilt.
I collected fabrics and drew out some designs based upon traditional Delft Pottery designs I found online.

I have a great stash of blues including a fabulous gift of batik fat quarters from my BFF Emily that I had been saving for something amazing.  I have been having fun using them.

This has, from the beginning, been a secret gift for someone whom I know is a connection through at least one source of social media.  Which is challenging sharing the progress, while hiding the secrets of the design.

The center is mostly done (needs some dots and swirls). Here are some of the progress shots as each little section was completed.

I kept changing my mind on the borders, so I ran short on fabric to pull off the fast version, but will make up for it with some applique.  Less than the original plan, but more than the cheater version that didn't work. The "wedges" you see in this pic will be filled with some oversized floral applique in the vibe of the original platter.

So...that's what I've been up to these days.