Finished Projects 2000-2015

This page is my quilting scrap book.  Because I like applique and hand quilting, I'm not as prolific as other quilters.  And the majority of quilts are made specifically for a friend or family member, so each has a story.
Blog entries with more details are linked with the photo.  


Steam Punk
Machine piecing,  FMQ
Owner:  Phillip Conrad
Pickle Dish
Paper piecing, Machine Quilted
Owner:  Jacob Conrad

Wonky Strings
Machine pieced
Hand "big stitch" quilting
Millie Moratta : coloring book
FMQ pink/black on grey whole-cloth
William Morris
Skirt turned baby quilt

" Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club"
Fundraising Quilt
Owner:  Bill Lyons.  Donated back to the club as a Memorial quilt.

"Learning Curve"
FKA Fall Stripes - FMQ Practice
Owner: Carol Northrup

Design Epiphany Jan '12
Flowers & Leaves Feb '12
Blocks  Feb '12
Leaves March '12
Leaves with pebbles Dec '13
Feathers Dec '13
Practice  123 Jan '14
Symbols  Oct '14

Strings Quilt

Junk Mail May '13
Yellow Strips June '13
Three rows 2-3-14
Finish 1-18-15


Manly #1
Starting 4-6-14
Improv 4-7-14
Center Finished 4-13-14

26) More Leftovers
Scraps 8-17-14

Black/White Hexi UFO
Owner: Leo Gilbride

Design Wall 5-4-14
Pieced 5-12-14
Grooms Quilt 6-8-14

 Puce Treuse Goose
Owner:  Zoe Ambrose

Concept Mar '13
Seam Allowances Apr '13
Planning the quilting Jan '14

Alex's Wedding Quilt
Background 3-10-14
Peony design 3-15-14
Flimsy Finished 3-23-14
Shams 3-24-14

USA Blocks
First blocks pieced July '10
Aug '10
Oct '10 post 2
Oct '10 post 1
Reinspired June '11
GA, RI  Oct '11
AR, CO, DE - Resumed, Oct '12
ND, NC, VT - Oct'12
LA, IN, SD,OR, Oct '12
MA, OK, HI - Oct '12
Blocks finished July '13
Errors  Sept '13
Pieced !  Dec '13
Quilting Started Dec'13
Over 1/2 quilted  Jan -14

 Red Bonus Quilt 2
Owner: Amy Loar

Blocks Dec '13
Pieced Dec 

Persian Rug Leftovers #1 & 2

Owner:  Cassandra Henry

Sewing strips Jan '14
Flimsy Finished Jan '14


Heron : Ancient/Modern Challenge
Owner: Barb Gilbert

Getting Started  Dec '10
Applique finished Jan 8, 2011
Border & Starting to Quilt Sept'13
Quilting Speed  Sept '13
Quilting Dragonflies Sept '13
Quilt Progress Oct '13
Quilting finished December 2013

Oregon Pillow  Sept '13
Owner: Draggin

Baby Quilts
Owners: Jamie & Olivia Henry

Finished Aug 2013
Improv Stripes Quilting Done  July '13
9 patch piecing June '13
9 patch procrastination May '13
Improv Piecing  June '11
Broken Star
Owner:  Jake Conrad

Finished July '13
FMQ  May '13

Sun And Stars
Owner: Brett Conrad

Getting Started Jan '13
Stars Jan '13
Using Up Scraps Jan '13
Piecing Feb '13
Improv Piecing Feb '13
Flimsy Finish Feb '13
Quilting Apr '13
Quilt Back  Mar '13
Hearts Infatuation
Heart's Desired Quilt Along   January 2011 to March 2013
Owner:  ME!

Overview Post
Love Entwined
Block 2  March '11
First Corner put together
Applique Flowers Nov, '11
Applique Close up  July 1, 2012
Applique Finished
Flimsy Finished Sept 3, 2012
Trapunto section  Nov '12
Quilting Started  Nov 4, 2012
Quilting curls  Jan 2013
Quilting background  Jan 2013


Double Wedding Ring - Overview
Finished March 18, 2012
Owner:  Sarah Witesman

Quilting Started Dec 11, 2011
Piecing Finished July 31, 2011
Started July 4, 2011
Call for fabric June 12, 2011

Dave W Groom's Quilt - Quilting
Owner:  Dave Witesman

Pieced Aug '11
Blocks Aug '11

Citrus Squares - Finish May 12, 2012
Owners:  Amber & Brian Garrett

Block lay out
Pillow Cases for Di
Owner:  Dianna Henderson

Post Christmas Finish

$2.25 Plus Tax overview
Finished March 22, 2012
Owner:  Dan Conrad

Piecing Finished Dec 28, 2011

Blue Damn Rube overview
Owner:  Tom Conrad

Scraps -Sept '12
Scrap Guilt - Started Sept 14, 2012

Dave H Groom Quilt
Owner: Dave Henry

Executive Woobie 
aka The Silk Tie Quilt
Owner:  Rick Conrad
Finished March 23, 2012
Piecing Feb '12
Tie prep Jan '12

Quilts of Valor - group project
Owner:  Jesse Conrad

Finished Feb 2012
Joining Panels


Hexi Scrap pillow  July '11
Owner:  Rita March

(downpayment on the hexi quilt that may take me the rest of my life to finish)

Charley Harper Quilt Along - March 2011-Sept 2011
Owner:  Me

Progress April '11
Cat Parts
Planning & Leaves
New Fabric

Joseph's Coat
"Don't Look Now" Quilt-along.  November 2009- February 2011.  Hand applique, Hand quilted.  Cotton batting, batiks & white sheet.   High School graduation gift for daughter.
Owner:  Keeley Rich
Quilting Progress Victorious! Binding, Top Finished July 31, 2010, Rows 1-55/20/10 Update,  4/11-10 Update,  3/27/10 Update,  3/15/10 Update2/15/10 Update1/9/10 Update

Shop Hop Blocks
100% cotton, mixed methods
Owner:  Kathy Moedl

Finished June 2011
Crazy for Whitney
Pieced cotton top, fleece back (no batting).  Hand embroidered.
Owner:  Whitney Rich

Finished October 2011
Started 2003
Blue Lemonade
HST from pre-cuts,  100% cotton.  May 2011
Owner:  Alex Moedl

Finished June 2011
Pieced May 2011
Broken Glass / Lake Thaw
Original Design - Crazy Strips  Machine Pieced & Quilted Aug 2010
Owner:  Betty Conrad

Finished June 2011

Nadine Aug 2010-Oct 2011
Owner: Papa Stumpy

Hand pieced, mixed method quilting (machine, hand, FMQ, big stitch).  Quilt as you Go.
Black Frames Nov '10
Aug '10
Scrap Winnings

Machine piece, FMQ feathers, walking foot

Finished Oct 2011

Diaper Bag


Flower for Stephanie
Baby Quilt.  Machine appliqued & quilted.  December 2010
Snowflake Pillow
Original Design, Hand applique, Hand quilted June-Oct 2010

Hillary's Batik Flowers 
Pattern: Triple Crown - American Jane
Machine pieced & quilted. Center Hexies hand appliqued.  Sept-Oct 2010
Crazy Pink
Machine pieced & quilted batiks.  Nov 2010

Pinwheel Party
Twiddletails Quilt Along    Feb-June 2010
Fabrics from the stash...probably 100% cotton.  Cotton batting.  Machine pieced & quilted.
Garden of Stitches - AKA the New Hampshire Ashley quilt.
Designer:  Lisa Bongean,  Primitive Gatherings
100% cotton fabric.  Cotton batting. Hand applique, machine pieced, hand quilted.
Started: 2006  Finished: May 2010
The Story,  The Back,  Joining the Sections,  Sneak Peek

Double Irish Casserole - AKA The San Diego Ashley Quilt
Traditional Pattern,
100% cotton fabric (White = cotton sheet).  Cotton batting. Machine pieced, Machine quilted.
Started: October 2009  Finished: April 2010
Guest Blog,  The Final Post,  Pieced Top,  Casserole?,  Getting Started

Coral Reef Quilt
Pattern:  "Fish on Coral", Elizabeth A. Akana,  EA of Hawaii
Started in 2004, finished in 2009.  Hand applique, hand quilted. 96x96
Finish Challenge
Getting back to work on this project
I bought the fabric and pattern as my souvenir of the Big Island in 2004 and had it appliqued within a couple months of our visit. A couple years later, I put it on the quilt frame to quilt, but decided that all the curves were too difficult in that process, so it was lap quilt project for several years. Because it's nearly King was a cold weather project, and because it was for me, it never had the same priority as gift quilts. 

Persian Rug Quilt
Original Design
100% Cotton.  Cotton batting.   Machine pieced, Long-arm Machine Quilted
June - August 2009
More Pictures & the story

Cotton Batik & Cotton Sheet, bamboo batting.  Machine pieced & quilted.
October 2009

I saw this tutorial for a 46x61 quilt and added some extras on one side to make a 60ish square. I was using up yellow stash fabric, much of which was 1/8th yard pieces that I'd bought for applique. Some of my stripes are made up of 2 or 3 different yellows in the same color intensity. It was my first attempt at using a cotton sheet rather than standard yardage.  It was also my first attempt at using spray basting and bamboo batting. Read more about the process in the original blog entry.

Santa Domingo Birds
Pattern: Dover Clip ARt
Hand Applique, Hand Quilting, Machine pieced.  Cotton fabric & batting.

Southwest Birds
I fell in love with Mimbres pottery on a trip to the South West, and have been collecting pots from each of the Pueblos and tribes.  I made this to show in the quilt show celebrating the opening of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge visitor center in 2006.    
I Love You MorePattern ?  100% cotton fabric & batting.  Machine Pieced.  Long-arm quilted. 2007
Once or twice a year, Anna and I get together for a quilting retreat.  She showed up at my house one December with this pattern that she was making out of blue and tan.  When I was little, orange & pink were my favorite colors with green taking over in my teens.  I thought this was a great excuse to use all 3 colors.  Besides the border and backing, I think this was all from the stash.  This was about the 3rd quilt that I had started for my younger daughter (Skater Girl). (The blue & white Hawaiian was in progress, as was the Garden of Stitches quilt that became Ashley's.)  The guilt of incompletion was getting to me, so this was completed in just a couple weeks.  Inner section is quilted in lime green with double loops (I call them olives) and the outer border has a loopy, feathery thing in orange.  

Pair of Hawaiian Style Quilts
Patterns:  Hawaiian Quilting, Elizabeth Root (Dover); Hawaiian Quilting Patterns, Myrna Green UpCountry Quilters); Poakalini Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Pattern & Designs, Poakalani & John Serrao (Mutual Publishing)
Started: 1998?  Finished: 2003

I made 2 Hawaiian Applique quilts that I started when the girls shared a room. Each has different blocks (That the girls picked out), but same material and layout. It took me about 5 years to finish both of these.  
Fruit Applique1/2" squaresMayan Chipmunk