Saturday, March 30, 2013


We had originally planned on a trip to Arizona for Spring Break.  That was before I did the taxes and discovered that the IRS wanted my trip money.

When the weather was cold, I was able to finish the quilting and binding on Heart's Infatuation.  I did a pre-soak in the machine with cold water to get out the marking pen, but threw in a color catcher when I noticed the water wasn't too clear.  Being reasonably paranoid, I threw 2 more in when I added the soap.  One came out bright pink and the other 2 pale pink.  Money well spent.

We drove about 40 miles North to Horseshoe Bend to have lunch and find interesting things to use as a back drop.    Good thing my hubby is tall as he made a perfect quilt hanger.

Evidently, I need a remedial lesson in "Staycation" as we drove nearly 600 miles round trip to take my mom out to dinner Tuesday night.  Met up with 2 other friends while we were there and were back 30 hours later.  My new car was deemed to be both fun and comfortable for road trips.

I am nearly finished with the FMQ on the Sun and Stars quilt.

It's quilted in yellow, grey and black.  My darning foot broke as I was finishing the section with the bubbles and lines on the right, so there's some weird random loops of thread...we'll call it a design feature.   The squares on the right need some fill then I'll be done.

And I would have gone out an bought a new darning foot, but the weather turned nice so we went riding.

140 miles to get to where we had lunch...a town that's really only 20 miles from our house.

The winding road ends near the winery region.

Unfortunately, the parking lot of the winery we stopped at is gravel and at a steep slope.  I ride better than I park.

While my hubby spent a day trying to fix the damage to my highway bars from dropping the bike, I bundled up batik squares to mail to the winners of my give away.  The Traveling Stash Box is on it's way to Marianne.

The cat, who was apparently very lonely decided to help me at the cutting mat.

I made some progress on the Puce 'Treuse Goose quilt.

The week I was obsessed with Puce & Chartreuse, one of my coworkers wore this!  

Unfortunately, with this comparison, you can see that the fabric I found is really more mauve than puce.  Oh well.  Close enough.

Last, but not least, I have pulled out one of my many UFOs.  This is a hand pieced red & white quilt that for years was the purse project.  I made half square triangles in waiting rooms, continuing education events and staff meetings.  The red is the leftovers from the USA quilt that is also still a UFO.


LynCC said...

Bleh. The IRS wants everything, doesn't it???? Yikes on that knee! Love your Sun and Stars.

Lynne said...

So much going on it's a wonder you have time to sew! LOL

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hi Marjorie....that scrape looks sore.
Just letting you know that I received the fabric in the mail today. thank you very is just lovely. I am thinking on putting it in a table runner; eventually.

Thanks again.have a great weekend