Monday, March 4, 2013


I got these 10 fat quarters as a gift and want to turn them into a lap quilt (60"x60") but haven't a clue what pattern.

  • I love the colors, but I have no stash fabrics to go with them
  • Budget restraints = not buying coordinates
  • Have white in the stash.  Maybe little bits of yellow.
  • Large scale print suggests pieces at least 5"
  • I want enough piecing to make it look interesting 
Do you have a favorite pattern that fits these criteria?  Leave me a comment with a link to the quilt you're thinking of.


Julie Fukuda said...

Well, at least they are all coordinated in color. Maybe just a square in a square combining each in pairs could be arranged to look interesting.

Ella said...

What about Jeni's giant star?

Ethne said...

Ah, what way are you wanting to go with these - modern or traditional? Do you want something pretty basic and quick or do you want something more challenging?
Here goes:-
How about an improv star quilt - the stars can be varying sizes or even one big star - or this
them something more traditional would be
and here's something you could do NTA Denyse Schmidt's "Hills & Hollers"
I hope there's enough here to get you thinking ..... ;o)

beaquilter said...

yellow brick road pattern is easy and fun

Suzanne W said...

Hands down...Yellow Brick Road! You will love this easy fat quarter quilt.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Gorgeous fabric! I'd go for hexagons but I am a tad obsessed with them at the moment!

Debbie said...

How about something like this.

justducky65 said...

Love, love, love the orange in those fabrics!!! How about a disappearing 9-patch for your pattern?