Monday, February 27, 2017

More Quilting on Cat

I took the path of least resistance and just followed the patterns on the fabrics for the quilting on the cat forhead.

I am hand quilting the lower part of the cat face to add some extra texture.

I'm not a big fan of stippling, but I thought it was just right for the inner part of the cat's ears.

The big chore, though, is the background.  I am doing this fill on the upper, right hand section.  I was inspired by a sampler by Jodi Robinson where she showed several variations using one of her templates.  My version is double hers in size (6") and I am alternating 3 variations with dots, squares and open for texture variety.

Because I am FMQ this on my domestic machine, it means that all my stitching lines need to be drawn on first rather than any kind of ruler work.  This is my 3rd time using the Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers.  I've had no problem with the lines washing away.  And the variety of colors work well on different background colors.

I'm now about 1/2 done with the sections I've marked, and am waiting to be inspired on what fills to use for the other sections.  60 square feet of quilt is a lot of quilting!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Feathers on a Cat

I couldn't resist adding feathers to the cat.  Now that I"ve figured out how to do them, they are a quick fill, and I was aiming for these circles to be spots.
For the lower 2 sections, I followed the print, filling in with leaves and swirls in the blank spots.   The upper section has nice flow with the paisley fill.
To add some textural variation, I went for some brick work to have a more linear element.

I think I've figured out my plan for the cat face, a mix of hand and machine quilting.
But I may need a couple weeks to sort out some of the variations I've considered for the  background quilting.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Big Cat Quilting

It was a challenge finding a place to lay out this 108x80 cat in order to sandwich it.  

I have the teal sections ditched using the walking foot, and now I'm moving on to FMQ.
For these first 2 sections, I'm trying to follow the printed pattern.  For the section above, that does mean adding some extra bits to fill the blank spaces.  This will likely take some time as the spaces are pretty big.  And I'm still deciding on some fills to add more textural interest.