Monday, May 19, 2014

Doing VS Done

I thought I was going to get SOOO much done this weekend.  A wedding got cancelled on short notice, saving me 8 hours of travel time in addition to the festivities and visiting.  

I finished the last 3 cherries on the March Benjamin Biggs block. 

And the April block. 

Moments ago, my version of the May block center was finished.   

I need to go back and add the corner flowers to all 3 blocks before they are actually done. 

One evening during last week I finished up the straight line quilting on the Puce 'Treuse Goose. 

Today's goal was FMQ on the outer 2 borders. 

Here's the quilting from the back.  Feathers and a feathery swirl.

I was trying to use up thread from the stash but each time I'd change thread the tension would get messed up.   It was worth $8 and a trip to the store to get a couple spools of threads that were the same brand and weight so my machine would behave.  

I did a couple of the practice blocks for the Fall Stripes UFO as warm up.  I still think my FMQ looks realy wobbly, but I'm gaining skills and confidence.

Friday was an all day continuing ed conference.  Fortunately I took extra needles and thimble and managed to talk Megan into helping me stitch.  

That turned into 80 squares - now pressed and ready to trim.   Sitting next to my bias binding (made and pressed)  for the Puce Treuse Goose ready to sew on. 

I also managed to putter in the garden some. 

Entertained a house guest.

And tried to take a motorcycle ride, which got aborted due to rain and instead turned into a Saturday afternoon nap.  

So, I'm not DONE with anything, but I've been DOING a lot.

Monday, May 12, 2014

UFO 25

The good news is that I finished another flimsy.  The bad news is that it's still a UFO.

This one evolved.  I'm not sure if I like the placement of the hexi blocks.  And the fact that I carefully placed different white-on-white fabrics for the adjoining hexies is totally lost unless you are a couple feet away.  On the other hand, I am pleased with the weird random stripe that used up some non-paired half hexies.  And I like the little bits of yellow. The black on the far left was from the stash and works pefectly with the other fabrics.   I have a black/white/yellow print I'll use for the back and will bind it with the same yellow that I added to the front.

My quilt projects are not getting done as fast as I would like.

Preventing scurvy:  and afternoon date with the hubby.

Beet sandwich at my neighbor's new restaurant.

Elder daughter giving me my first professional gel manicure.  Granted I could have done it myself at home for a fraction of the price.... but sometimes you have to pay to keep the child gainfully employed.

 On the other hand, spending time with friends and family is totally worth it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fabric Binge

I have been making great progress on my goals to 1) reduce the stash 2) limit fabric spending and 3) complete UFOs.  I have been somewhat set back by my general goals by the additional challenges of 1) completing 3 "Nephew" quilts by the end of the year  2) add wedding quilts to the list as far this year up to 4, possibly 5.

I update my sidebar fabric usage as the piecing is completed.  I'm up to an estimated 44 yards this year. At a current $10/yard, that's $440 of stashage.  I have been going through thread like mad since quilting sucks it up like a college student on spring break.  I have hardly done any quilting and yet I'm $30 in.  I actually changed quilting plans on my current project to avoid having to pay full price for a ton of thread to finish (how sad is that?).    I buy batting when it's half price.  I figure I've used $200 (discounted) worth so far.  So I should feel really good about using nearly $700 from the stash.

But I have spent nearly $200 on essentials to get this far.  And this week, I hit a point where I needed to replenish the stash of essentials.  I spent about $150 on black and white fabrics yesterday so I could finish 3 quilts that are in my head, as well as some low cost backings.  Somehow, it feels more "wrong" when I bring the fabric home on a bolt.

The Spending-Guilt-For-Cost-Savings starts later this week.  May 9, Joanne's has$20 Warm & Natural battings, and 50% off quilt notions and rotary cutting tools.  ($5 for 7 McCall's Patterns if you sew clothing).  50% off  Coats & Clark thread for 5 days starting Wed at Hancock.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

UFO Sunday

UFO #15, The Puce 'Treuse Goose on Spruce,  is on the machine.  I had worked out an elaborate FMQ design, but in the end decided to keep it simple.  I stitched the rows of geese using the walking foot.  Now I'm going back and stitching a zig-zag across the rows, following the outline of the goose points.  There are 2 outer borders which I will try some feathers.  What's a goose quilt without feathers?

I've discovered (the hard way) that more than a couple hours a week at the machine can trigger migraines for me.  So I'm pacing myself today.   I've tidied the studio.  And put another UFO up on the design wall.
I recently learned that a guy friend is getting married in June.  I was hoping that I could use one of my almost finished quilts as a gift.  But when I scrolled through the bride-to-be's Facebook pictures, I noticed that she always wears black or white.

Remember the Stack-and-whack kaleidoscope craze a while ago?  I did a couple that left me feeling kind of 'Mmeehhh".   I bought a piece of toile that I thought would work really well.  I liked the outcome, but I'd only bought enough for a couple dozen blocks and lost interest by the time the fabric was no longer available.  I have several ideas I like, but they would involve unstitching a lot of seams.  I don't think she's a quilter...I think I have a cheat I can use that will be un-noticeable to mere mortals.'s up on the wall for me to ponder while I quilt.