Sunday, May 14, 2017

Little Dress

 This happened this week.
 Which means some Grandma sewing.  I found a free dress pattern on line made by Rae Hoekstra. You can get the pattern for free at little darling is only 4#, so I made the adjustment above to her pattern. For the skirt I used a 30" strip for a slightly less full skirt.  I considered making the skirt shorter, but decided to leave it long.   I also used a flat feld seam rather than the instruction's traditional seam treatment.
I made a few adjustments to make the dress reversible

  A slightly different side seam treatment so all the raw edges are hidden. 

Since I am using Batik, it's nearly impossible to tell one side from the other, so I just added a band on the lower edge as a finish.

Now THAT's a party dress.   Ready for her Aunt Whitney's wedding next month.