Saturday, May 19, 2018


 I had a lot of weird leftovers from the Popsicle quilt.  The tie dyed fabric that I bought for popsicle drips being the strangest.  The color combinations result it a lot of very muddy areas, and I prefer fabric in bright, clear colors.  I decided that I should find a way to work them into one quilt.  When I designed the quilt concept, however, I had mis-remembered all the colors.  It is evolving into a random squares with 4 patch.  And the yellowish tan leftovers do help the others work better together.
This quilt's name is Destiny.  Because I'm making it for my friend Destiny.  They share many of the same qualities.  1) Getting a mis-match group to play nicely together 2) Maybe spilled a little bit of wine 3) This is now how I imagined things to work out 4) True friends are blessings  5) The more variety in the blocks around you, the better everything turns out  6) When it's done it'll be a hug on demand from me.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Wrapping Up The Quilting

 Finished with the quilting with the exception of a little section in the upper right, and the borders.
 Orange popsicle finished first with a mix of 1/8" dense quilting and cm wide stips.
 I really struggled with finishing the piecing on this upper corner, but happy with how it turned out.  The giant cosmos were a sudden inspiration, and perhaps my favorite quilting out of everything.  And I quilted in my signature above the stick.
 Because of the variety of density in the quilting, not to mention that the quilt was pretty puckery after pieceing, this lower talk bubble was super puffy.   I spent an afternoon hand stippling it into submission.
 Some fun fills to add texture.
 Purple Pirate
 A quote about the ancestors that the artist of the painting and I share.
And subtle detals of cartoons behind the cellophane.

My last decision to make is how to quilt the pink borders.  Planning on feathers on the blue.