Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LE Flowers 3

I continue to make very slow progress on the flowers.

I opted for a mix of methods for this section.  I am using a bias strip method for the stems, but back basting for the flowers and leaves.

I had abandoned this project earlier finding that it was too busy of a pattern for my taste.  I also don't like making the same thing multiple times, so I have opted to make each of the corner floral designs different, blending flowers from the provided designs for #3 & 4.  I also changed the shape of the vase.

I'm afraid I'm losing momentum again, so another post may be after American football starts and I have something else to distract me while I stitch.

Monday, August 18, 2014

LE Flowers 2

I'm not sure whey this loaded upside down.  Here's a better view of the flowers in day light.
Time to baste some more leaves.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

LE Flowers

So..I thought my last project was fussy.  Here' the Love Entwined flowers that I did decide to do.  The details on the center flower are so wonderful.  I will do a follow up post with the scale.  That center chartreuse center is less than 1/4".

More Leftovers

When I was cleaning the sewing room, I discovered that I still had tons of scraps from Persian Rug quilt.  Remember that I have already made 3 quilts with the remains.  There was enough of these fabrics that I couldn't bear to throw them out.   They are not a color-way that I usually use so saving them for something else was not an option.   I cut some 1" strips and started crazy piecing as a mosic variation.   This was the photo after the first session.

A second sewing session and things looked like this.

I failed to take photos of round 3, but it involved taping the basic size of the strip I wanted to end up with.

This morning was session 4.  I have 2 sections about 19" wide with a goal to make the strip about 60" long.  I am imagining this offset with some wide, solid sections, probably dark blue since I have some in the stash.

But I can't stay interested in this for very I'm moving on to some applique.  Or maybe a different pieced project inspired by this Geometric Gradation Quilt by Geta Grama

Friday, August 15, 2014

BB #8

I have finished block 8 with a half a month to spare.  I would like to note that the flowers were unnecessarily difficult.  And those side leaves were no walk in the park either.  Yes, I am aware of one major error from the original pattern.  If you notice clearly a) have too much time on your hands b) need more medication.   I hope to spend the extra time this week working on some other applique.  But tomorrow...heading to the winding mountain roads on the motorcycle.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014 Block

I was in the process of cleaning up the sewing room when I found the Sochi Olympics inspired diamond background.   I hadn't really thought of what I would add to it to symbolize this year for my Anniversary Quilt.  In the end I opted for a wheel to represent all the car issues that we've gone through this year involving the purchase of a couple new vehicles in our fleet.