Dragonfly Challenge

 Adapt this Johanna Basford image to your medium. Copyright ok for personal use.  In other words, if you are making it for yourself or a gift it is fine. If you sell anything made off this design, their studio will hunt you down and take legal action.

Quilt, appliqué, quill, crochet, scrapbook, paint, woodcut, cake decoration, cookies.  Any medium.  Really.
Deadline is Oct 20, 2018.  Submit your pictures to me via email or FB messenger.  They will be posted and shared on this page.

And just a reminder.  Dragonflies don't have antennae.


Dragonfly Pillow Case
Made by:  Marjorie Rich
Media: Machine Quilting
Details:  19"x 29",  Freemotion quilting on domestic machine.  Wool & bamboo batting. Mix of embroidery and cotton thread. 

Dragonfly Stained Glass
Made by:  Cassandra Carper
Media: Stained glass

Dragonfly Mandela
Made by:  Don Decker
Media: Photo manipulation 

Draggin Fly Rocks
Made By:  Lee Nussgen
Media: Acrylic on a Rock

Dragonfly Cards
Made by : Nancy Stedtfeld
Media: Cardstock

Crochet Blingy Dragonfly
Made By: Lori Webb
Media: Crochet yarn on vest

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