Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fabric Binge

I have been making great progress on my goals to 1) reduce the stash 2) limit fabric spending and 3) complete UFOs.  I have been somewhat set back by my general goals by the additional challenges of 1) completing 3 "Nephew" quilts by the end of the year  2) add wedding quilts to the list as needed...so far this year up to 4, possibly 5.

I update my sidebar fabric usage as the piecing is completed.  I'm up to an estimated 44 yards this year. At a current $10/yard, that's $440 of stashage.  I have been going through thread like mad since quilting sucks it up like a college student on spring break.  I have hardly done any quilting and yet I'm $30 in.  I actually changed quilting plans on my current project to avoid having to pay full price for a ton of thread to finish (how sad is that?).    I buy batting when it's half price.  I figure I've used $200 (discounted) worth so far.  So I should feel really good about using nearly $700 from the stash.

But I have spent nearly $200 on essentials to get this far.  And this week, I hit a point where I needed to replenish the stash of essentials.  I spent about $150 on black and white fabrics yesterday so I could finish 3 quilts that are in my head, as well as some low cost backings.  Somehow, it feels more "wrong" when I bring the fabric home on a bolt.

The Spending-Guilt-For-Cost-Savings starts later this week.  May 9, Joanne's has$20 Warm & Natural battings, and 50% off quilt notions and rotary cutting tools.  ($5 for 7 McCall's Patterns if you sew clothing).  50% off  Coats & Clark thread for 5 days starting Wed at Hancock.


Sarah Liz said...

I shudder to think how much money we sewers/quilters have tied up in stash!

Ivory Spring said...

I love the look of that quilt! I can see yummy feathers quilted on it.

Your accounting on $ spent on fabrics made me chuckle. :)