Monday, May 19, 2014

Doing VS Done

I thought I was going to get SOOO much done this weekend.  A wedding got cancelled on short notice, saving me 8 hours of travel time in addition to the festivities and visiting.  

I finished the last 3 cherries on the March Benjamin Biggs block. 

And the April block. 

Moments ago, my version of the May block center was finished.   

I need to go back and add the corner flowers to all 3 blocks before they are actually done. 

One evening during last week I finished up the straight line quilting on the Puce 'Treuse Goose. 

Today's goal was FMQ on the outer 2 borders. 

Here's the quilting from the back.  Feathers and a feathery swirl.

I was trying to use up thread from the stash but each time I'd change thread the tension would get messed up.   It was worth $8 and a trip to the store to get a couple spools of threads that were the same brand and weight so my machine would behave.  

I did a couple of the practice blocks for the Fall Stripes UFO as warm up.  I still think my FMQ looks realy wobbly, but I'm gaining skills and confidence.

Friday was an all day continuing ed conference.  Fortunately I took extra needles and thimble and managed to talk Megan into helping me stitch.  

That turned into 80 squares - now pressed and ready to trim.   Sitting next to my bias binding (made and pressed)  for the Puce Treuse Goose ready to sew on. 

I also managed to putter in the garden some. 

Entertained a house guest.

And tried to take a motorcycle ride, which got aborted due to rain and instead turned into a Saturday afternoon nap.  

So, I'm not DONE with anything, but I've been DOING a lot.


Sandra Visser said...

You have been busy.

A Nudge said...

Yes, you've done a lot. Sounds like around here - but in my case it was housework I've neglected while I got a quilt done I had to have done by Saturday and a family gathering for daughter's birthday. So much close to finish are you.

Karen said...

You were allowed to stitch during the conference? Would certainly help pass the time.

Purl Buttons said...

Whew! You make me tired! I did nothing all day Sunday except READ. I didn't even get dressed until after 3!