Monday, May 12, 2014

UFO 25

The good news is that I finished another flimsy.  The bad news is that it's still a UFO.

This one evolved.  I'm not sure if I like the placement of the hexi blocks.  And the fact that I carefully placed different white-on-white fabrics for the adjoining hexies is totally lost unless you are a couple feet away.  On the other hand, I am pleased with the weird random stripe that used up some non-paired half hexies.  And I like the little bits of yellow. The black on the far left was from the stash and works pefectly with the other fabrics.   I have a black/white/yellow print I'll use for the back and will bind it with the same yellow that I added to the front.

My quilt projects are not getting done as fast as I would like.

Preventing scurvy:  and afternoon date with the hubby.

Beet sandwich at my neighbor's new restaurant.

Elder daughter giving me my first professional gel manicure.  Granted I could have done it myself at home for a fraction of the price.... but sometimes you have to pay to keep the child gainfully employed.

 On the other hand, spending time with friends and family is totally worth it.


Dolores said...

I feel the same way. My things are not getting completed as quickly as I'd like them either but family time is precious.

Amy said...

Amen. That bloody mary looks very healthy. Love your daughter's hair color. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this flimsy.

Catherine said...

Wow, yes, I look forward to seeing what happens to your flimsy too! Even if life has been getting in the way of your quilting it all looks great fun:-)