Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blog Hop Prize Winners

As promised there are 2 grand prize winners and some unannounced runner up thank you gifts.  

The random generator came up with lucky #13 for my "random" winner.  I was secretly delighted since 1) 13 is considered to be unlucky and 2) #13 was Julie Fukuda who is a long term follower of mine and frequently leaves me nice comments. 

My favorite suggestion prize goes to Erin who suggested Eternity Knot.  The link takes you to a source for paper piecing patterns for this design.  I plan to do it with regular strip piecing and expanding the design larger into a single woven design.

 I was bemused by some of the comments that were left.  People who left suggestions for quilts that are "quick" and "easy" clearly have never paid attention to my quilting style.  I'm drawn to annoyingly difficult.   In fact, my very first quilt project (pictured here) was a very complicated star.

But I did get some very good ideas both for strips (which is what I asked for) and others that will work far better with the 5" charm square collection.  I'm going to send 12 squares each of  of my runners up as a thank you.

Many people listed Jelly Roll race, but Janet offered a suggestion using narrow strips.  I can see using any leftover strips from other projects, cut in half to 1.25" strips.

Alessandra suggested a Braided Irish Chain pattern.  What I like about it is that it's a variation of Irish Chain that I hadn't seen before and quite like..

Nita suggested Island Chain.  I really like the interlocking squares and it reminds me a lot of the winning design.

Gateway to Paradise  seems like a great way to really showcase strips rather than cutting them into little pieces.

This designer also has the pattern available for sale for those of you who actually follow patterns.

Amanda's variation of a Lawn Chair quilt is quite nice as well. 

jmniffer suggested Cross-Terrain

I can see using my 5" charms to make Swoon as suggested by Who-lee-uh

Finally,  Marj at Marjorie's Busy Corner really knows me as she suggested using the batiks for a Dahlia.  I can cut those odd shaped pieces from the stash I have set aside for applique.
Thanks for all the ideas.....time to pull out the batik charm stash and start stuffing envelopes.


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, Thank you, Thank you!
Erin suggested the perfect idea but I liked that scrappy swoon too. How bad can it get when I am adding your ideas to MY notebook!

Lynne said...

Lots of great ideas but that narrow strip quilt really caught my eye!