Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big Orange Stars

Monday I was pondering what to do with this set of fat quarters that I got for a gift, but lack anything in my stash to go with it.

As I prepped them I remember that the reason Anna bought them was because she was at an event where Joel Dewberry presented - these are his design.

I sent out a plea for ideas that would show off the large scale prints.  These HST are made with 9" squares since that size matches the fat quarters (4 blocks per FQ).   My blog friends sent great ideas.

Turns out that I couldn't find the white fabric I thought I had, and realized the fabric is really a cream anyway.  Apple green to the rescue.

These stars will finish at 30" and the plan is to put 4 of them together with an outer border of some sort (assuming I don't run out of green).
Since my usual thing is to do insanely difficult piecing, this has been a blast.  I got this cut out and the 8" squares finished in a couple hours.  Tonight I need to trim all the blocks, arrange for color and sew.  A couple hours and I'll have another flimsy finished giving me 2 of the 6 quilts I need by November.

Thus I present yet another WIP on Wed that does nothing to shorten my UFO list.


Ethne said...

Looking good Marjorie - knowing me I'd have gone with something totally improv and ended up being sort of one or more fabrics along the way.

Every Stitch said...

Mmmm - going to be stunning with the lime green !

Ella said...

It's so happy and citrusy!

Corina said...

Looking great with the green - perfect colour to match!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Great choice of block and background fabric!!

Lynne said...

Great solution!