Monday, December 31, 2012

Yellow Post Christmas Holiday

When I scheduled time off for the holidays back in October, I imagined a week of sewing projects.

Instead, I got to wear my Naughty Pirate Boots to a Christmas party.

Watched the Boise State Bowl game with my husband and mom at Jack's Man Cave Garage.

Since my brother was coming, I made plans to paint the kitchen.  He has a long standing tradition of planning home improvement projects when siblings show up at his house.  Turn about is fair play.   This is him trying to teach my husband how to make Grandma Rudolph's Eggnog.

Which coincidentally matches the color of the new kitchen.

He also made hummus...which also matches the paint.

It took 2 coats of primer to cover the dark green, so I'm quite pleased that we got this done in 3 days (with plenty of time off to eat and drink while waiting for paint to dry.)

 The yellow pillow cases that I didn't quite finish were supposed to go home with Larry.  Here they are a day late.

Inside each square is a different free motion filler design.  This includes McTavishing, Matrix, Echo Arches, Swirl, lines & pebbles and a squarish stippling.  Paisleys (my favorite to do) between in the sashing.
 The back side has some of the same patterns but every-other strip left un-quilted.
Case 2 is a continuation of the design of the other so it coordinates but is not an exact match to the other.

The band at the opening are long strips with straight line quilting.
Back side has Matrix on the right and left point, and Pebbles on the top and bottom, surrounded by a few rows of varigated yellow straight line stitching.

My intention is for the cases to hang out with this quilt, which was Di's "Bride's Quilt".  

Rumor has it, however, that she has been "saving" this quilt not using it.  Bad Girl.  This is a utilitarian quilt made to be used.  Machine wash warm and tumble dry.  If you wear it out, I promise to make you a replacement.


Ethne said...

Happy New Year to you Marjorie - I hope all goes well for you and your family in 2013 - ps: love the yellow quilt

Lynne said...

Firstly, happy new year!

Like you, I make things that I intend to be used not kept "for good"! I love watching my grandsons drag their quilts and blankets all over the house! I can, as you say, always make them another!

LynCC said...

I love that you quilted the pillowcases! I need to do that. And what are brother for, but helping to paint? And those boots are AWESOME. :)

Celeste said...

The case with the gold squares made me think of picture frames for somebody in witness relocation. Warped, I know.

Happy New Year!!!!

Tina said...

The quilted pillow cases are the bomb. I love your quilting on them. I have never thought of hummus being a color, but it works.