Saturday, December 8, 2012

Panel 1

One panel finished.  There are a couple places where the points don't match up perfectly, but overall I'm pretty pleased.  This piece is 20" x 28" and will be one side of a pillow case.  My current plan is to make 2 cases with this pattern on one side and a different pattern in the same fabrics on the other side.  Actually, the other panel won't be an exact match to this...I will continue the pattern from what is the bottom edge in this picture so they won't be matchy-matchy.

This is not moving as quickly as I'd like, as the head cold I am fighting is making me a little fuzzy.  A half gallon of herbal tea, a couple adult beverages and a lot of sleep seems to be holding it at bay.

But on the other hand, this error (of course it was right in the CENTER of the panel) supports the theory that I'm less than 100%.  I managed to knock about 10 blocks off the design wall while I was removing them to sew and it appears I'm not as clever as I think I am.

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Lynne said...

It could be an interesting design feature!