Friday, December 7, 2012


I have managed a week-day off with the house to myself.  I have most of the chores done and I pulled out those HST I posted about last week.

I used some thumb tacks to put a piece of flannel up on the wall so I actually have a piece of "design wall" instead of "design floor".   It's about 4" too narrow for this project...but still...

This is a variation of the layout that I used for my Citrus Squares quilt which was in turn a variation of Jackie's at Canton Quilt Work. 

And I am still quilting away on the Hearts Infatuation.

Progress is easier to see on the back side.

Unfortunately, I feel a cold coming on.... may not have any progress to brag about this weekend.


Lynne said...

Lovely works in progress!

Amy said...

Give yourself the Irish cure for that oncoming cold - Hot Irish Whiskey! It worked in Ireland when I was feeling puny the second day of our vacation there 2 years ago. (Not quite boiling water, shot of Irish whiskey, tsp of raw sugar, and a lemon slice with 4 whole cloves stuck in the rind.) And great quilts! Fell better!

LynCC said...

oooo - I just LOVE your Hearts Infatuation :)

ANudge said...

That Heart's Infatuation is something. It's gorgeous!! All your projects are great. I'm glad I got to see your eye candy.