Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Total Flake

Yes, I'm a total flake.  I've bounced back and forth on design concepts for my Ancient/Modern challenge with Ethne.  This is it.  It's what I'm doing.  It's a Dover Clip Art pattern from the "Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico"

I printed out a 8x11 inch version (top left)  then cut it in half length-wise and then in thirds.  I ran those small bits through a photo-copier at 400%.  As you can see there were some sections that got cut off, so I measured key sections (like the beak) to see where the missing bits were and then did a little math (shut up Mrs Casper..yes I now know you can use math in the real world) to mathmatically figure out the proportions, and then drew them in.  (I'm math challenged...if I can do it , anyone can.)
Using the original challenge criteria...these are fabrics from my stash.  I'll be using reverse applique, so the blue fabric will be the bird fabric.  The background, is a batik with dragonflies.  What could be better for a heron or similar water bird?  The batik is heavy enough that I can use a darker fabric for the "under" fabric in a reverse applique technique.  

For my next step, I plan to trace the pattern on to tissue paper, then (for the first time) try "front basting" applique appoach.  As a back-basting girl, I've been totally stumped about how front basting might work.  I think I finally got it figured out.  Stay tuned for details. 


Julie Fukuda said...

Looks like a plan! I guess I shouldn't be surprised how you can use technology to get your plan ready. I would have drawn it all out on the actual size paper. I baste everything but have no idea what is front or back basting.

Ethne said...

Oh heck, you are way further on than me - I need to get my background fabric sorted out yet - maybe over the holidays.
This is looking good though and I'm thinking that I might be biting off more than I can manage with my design, but I love it.

quilthexle said...

This looks sooo cool! thanks for sharing. I'm impressed about your progress with your challenge, and it will be fun to see how you continue.

Kate said...

Hi Marjorie - please email me at krountree@ithaca.edu... You have won the fabric giveaway at Quilting Professor !!! I can't get the email link to work to send you an email, so am leaving a message here and on my blog... congratulations - DH loved your post!

Kate the Quilting Professor