Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Modern Hunter

I've shifted gears once again on my Modern/Ancient challenge quilt.  The Western Migration just wasn't coming together for me, so I went back to the petroglyphs that I've been pondering for a couple years.  My current inspiration are Fremont petroglyphs from Utah.   I have an extra twist in mind...but I need to see if I can pull off the concept before I share more details.  I have 10 pages of glyph photos, but these 3 capture some of the key elements I want to include.


Julie Fukuda said...

Those seem to have all kinds of possibilities. Is that a scorpion in the top photo on the right?
The horned hunters and animals are great.

Ethne said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind here

quilthexle said...

The pictures are great - and if those are your inspiration, then I can't wait what you're up to!