Monday, December 20, 2010

My Lucky Year

For someone who never wins anything...I've had a remarkable streak of good luck this year.  In the spring, I won 2 of Kellie's Don't Look Now patterns.  Then Nadine sent me some pretty scraps from a give away at Quilted Bliss.  And I won some thread from I Have a Notion as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival.   I've also had dozens of friends (and a handful of strangers) send me red fabric for my USA quilt.  It's so nice to have the mailman bring me something besides bills!

A few weeks ago, Heather at Retrofabulous sent me a care package with these amazing green batiks and a needle case that she made.  She has a great tutorial on how to make one for yourself.

Over the weekend, these fabrics from Michele Hill arrived. Not only are they amazingly beautiful, but she is also the fabric designer, and is unbelievably generous when it comes to "give away" prizes.  She sent 1/3 yard of each of the fabrics on the right and an even bigger piece of the border print.  You can see the  Adelaide Collection here.  Of course, now I need to buy both of her books.

Speaking of designers....while I was in Utah this weekend hanging out with Anna of Victoria Rose Quilts, I got to spend a couple hours with Renae Allen of RGA Design.  You may be familiar with her printed panels that are designed for practicing machine quilting. Skillbuilder 1 Fabric Sampler
She also has pre-printed panels and books with designs for practicing either free motion or long arm skills.
Skillbuilder 3 Mastery Fabric Sampler
I'm hoping she needs my services as an indentured servant to help her at the Salt Lake Quilt Market in May 2011.  And, I got to see the mock-up of her latest design project.  It is so cool! It includes 2 panels that are designed to be sewn together for the center of a lap-size quilt in "manly" colors and prints.

Maybe while my luck is good I ought to start playing the win money with which to buy more fabric.


Oops-Lah said...

Congratulations to all your winnings this year. May the next year be at least as good as this year was ;) in the winning department. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Vreni x

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Wow that fabric is beautiful.

Win money to buy more that is a fun dream....I'm with you there.


Ethne said...

Lucky you - goodies to play with, we all love those
Here's hoping you have a good Christmas time and an even better New Year, in which to test, explore and achieve lots in the way of crafting of every kind, and maybe you'll get to play at the Quilt Festival in May too.

Angie said...

Very clever way to practice! Thanks for sharing.