Friday, December 31, 2010

Realistic Goals

I'd like to start 2011 by setting realistic goals.
1.  Annoy Ethne by spending a whole day doing really fast appliqe.
2. Make Lynne snort tea out her nose, laughing about something I posted.
3. Redesign some aspect of every project, because I screwed up on something.

Feel free to add to my list by leaving a suggestion in the comments.


Ethne said...

Sorry, but you won't annoy me (too much), I'll just be pacing myself as best I can and be switching from project to project to keep my interest up, because you know that sometimes when you spend all your time on one large project you can loose some of the joy in the project, and at the moment I'm eager to get started - Happy New Year and warmest blessings to you all

Ethne said...

OOps and I forgot to say - great job here ;0)