Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Update (A bit late)

When my internet failed over the weekend, I didn't rush to remember how to fix the connection...and the result was more time to quilt.  Oh, and I put away holiday stuff, did laundry and generally tidied the house.

I finished another hoop-worth of hand quilting on the JC.  That brings my finished total estimate of about 58%.

I finished 2 more state blocks (that still need pressing and trimming.  "Lady of the Lake" for MN on the left and "Propeller" for NC on the right.

I'm now referring to this quilt simply as "Nadine" since the centers were scraps from Nadine's stash.  There are 25 squares total.  The colored "mats" are done, and now I'm adding the black frames.  Unfortunately, I joined the Fabric Diet Challenge before I realized I didn't have a stash of black fabric.  I finally dug up some, but am not sure I have enough to finish.  I did buy some pearl cotton in yellow, red and blue and am trying to convince myself to do some large stitching.

 This center motif for the Ojibwe quilt is very nearly finished.  The smaller paisleys are basted, and with luck may be finished before bed time.  I think there's a missing green leaf.  I need to decide if I should fix that or leave it for character.

In addition to these 4 projects, I also worked on the Heron applique.  I'm now ready to admit that the Monet quilt should be considered a UFO not a WIP, at least until I finish a half dozen other things.


Quilting in the Pines said...

It looks like you have been busy! I need to get busy on my JCQA again. I need to make more petals. Do you think she will continue on her blog?

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh really nice! Don't give up on the computer, we need our picture-fix!

Ethne said...

What a varied range of projects you are working on - you've made great strides over the holiday period