Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dead Man's Party Shirt

Here's a little mood music to get you ready for the new party shirt photo.  It's was running through my head all day as I finished up the shirt.  If you also know all the lyrics to this song, we're probably the same age.

Here's my dude modeling the new shirt.
The coral and white prints were the fabric I won.  The back yolk is white-on-white from the stash (also used on the underside of the collar.)  The buttons were from the stash, and amazingly I even had interfacing.  In other words...this fun party shirt was completely free (which makes it even more fun).

I just BARELY had enough fabric to cut out the front of the shirt, so fussy cutting was definitely out of the question.  But serendipity intervened and everything lined up perfectly!

There are some little bits of this left...only big enough for some fussy cut 2" squares or hexies.  Since Kate had 35 people interested in the fabric that she gave away, I'm going to see if she can find a home for the scraps.  Check out her blog if you're interested.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, once you get an idea, you don't mess around. That was quick! He seems to like it too...