Friday, January 14, 2011

Shannon's Quilt

Look what the UPS dude delivered about supper time.  Shannon Moe and I had been chatting on FB.  She's an old friend and a quilter who had inherited this applique project but had decided it was beyond her interest and/or ability.  Sight unseen, I said I'd be happy to give it a go.

This panel ( 2 x 6 sections) is finished.  There is a matching panel that has not been started, and a 1 square wide panel with 2 squares finished.  The pattern is these 4 panels repeated.

Instead of templates, the shapes are printed in white on this fabric with 1/8" seam allowance.  Unfortunately, the kit was made over 40 years ago and the lines are extremely faint to invisible.

 I am sure of the dating of the kit b/c I have a quilt made by my husband's grandmother that has this EXACT green calico.  It was also a kit.  She made "wedding quilts" for all her grandchildren in the 1960's.  When we were married in 1990, Harley Dude's dad, Papa Bear, pulled a quilt out of the closet that had been made when my DH was a teen for his wedding.  It is embroidered with his g'mas name and date: 1969.  It still had all the blue dotted lines for quilting on it when I received it.  I was pleasantly surprised that they washed out after all that time.

Shannon's quilt has assorted stains...probably water.  Anyone have advice on removing these stains?  I have similar ones on some of my g'ma's cross-stitch table cloths.  The stains can't be dealt with until after it's quilted since the quilting lines are printed on the fabric.  That requires a tremendous leap of faith...that after all that additional applique and quilting....either the stains will come out or you won't really care.


Julie Fukuda said...

What an interesting pattern. I notice the center of each circle is different. I think I would take a leap of faith that the stains would come out. There are some pretty good stain removing products these days. That is a familiar looking fabric but I don't remember ever seeing kits for sale in those days. With your skills you could turn this project into something super.

Pat said...

It was nice to hear from you. Yes, this is the same idea that I remember when I was young. I wish I would have been involved in quilting and would have bought a few of those kits. My mother made one with roses on them and two with purple and pink iris. As far as stain removal I use Fels nappa soap for all my stain removal. It took out brown stains on an old table cloth that I bought.