Saturday, October 27, 2012


Continued progress on the state blocks.  I got several cut out Monday and have been stitching away in my spare time.

This is Captain's Wheel for Louisiana.  My daughter's friend Bry offered to buy fabric while she was visiting her mom over the summer.  We found out afterwards that her mom moved from LA to PA.  I'm still counting it as LA.

Here's Tall Pine Tree for Oregon.  My husband was headed to the Baker, OR bike rally the summer this project started.  I convinced him to stop at the quilt shop in Nyssa, OR on his way since there's a coffee shop there as well.  He walked in and said "My wife wants a skinny nickel of red fabric".  The shop keeper looked confused but an old guy sipping coffee just pointed to the back of the store and said "Fat Quarters are over there."

The swirly fabric I have marked as coming from South Dakota.  If you sent it, please let me know so I can give credit.

 I love the look of the Dakota Star block but it was a pain to make since all the edges are bias, and the white triangle templates I made aren't quite symmetrical.

Nothing that a little steam and spray starch couldn't fix.

And finally, Indiana Puzzle made with fabric from Heather.  In fact, I'll credit Heather for giving me the solution to not having fabric from every state.  She sent several pieces and said she had lived in MO, KS, CO, IN, WA and I could count it for whatever I wanted since she'd bought fabric in all those states.

This pattern, by the way, is absolutely delightful to sew.  It builds from the center, much like a log cabin does, and ends up looking much harder than it is.  I may have a full quilt of this pattern in my future.


Debbie said...

Hi Marjorie. Yes the swirly red fabric is from South Dakota. Glad to see the progress on your project.

Bailey said...

That story of your husband is hilarious! Your blocks all look great.