Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Damn Rube

I have finally finished another quilt.  Sadly finishes are few and far between for me these days.
I'm quite pleased with the texture on this quilt.  The stitching is about 1/2" apart, using the lines from the crazy pieced squares as a starting line and connecting randomly from one block to the next.  The light blue was an unwashed Kona and the backing was an unwashed new Ikea sheet.  The batting is a bamboo/cotton blend. The thread 100% cotton.  By washing in hot water and drying on high, there's a lovely little bit of shrinkage that gives a nice pucker.

This quilt was my final attempt to use up blue scraps.

Which is what I thought when I did this quilt.

 And this one.

And this one.

But now I'm really done.

And here's the new sewing machine.  I'm a little sad that I waited so long to buy one.  I'm impressed with how much value I got for the money.   I used the walking foot and a straight stitch with no issues.  It was great to have the extended section to the left.

And even though I know I don't need 99 stitches, I look forward to trying some of them for variations of straight line quilting.

Next project will be some FMQ using the new machine.


Sabine said...

Congratulations! Turned out great!

Julie Fukuda said...

And, are the blue scraps all gone now? (or we going to see one final bit)?

Lynne said...

A lovely collection of blue quilts there.

Celeste said...

The decorative stitches are good for putting on binding by machine; they are decorative, especially if you use contrasting thread, and they catch the whole edge. Try it out on some placemats and see what you think.

Good job on the scrap use! Blue and white quilts are very easy to live with, so you should have no problem finding homes for them if you don't want them all.