Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Call for Turquoise Scraps

I've recently discovered that a couple of whom I've very fond, have become engaged.  The bride to be quite likes the color turquoise.  So I started to think about my turquoise jewelry for inspiration.

And I have been cutting my scraps that are smaller than 3 inches using a double wedding ring template thinking that it might be my next attempt at "quilts I swore I would never make".    I have some that will work really well.  I like them against the silvery-grey. But I don't have anywhere near enough.  And wedding rings are so much prettier when they are scrappy.  [Please note that my definition of "scrappy" still requires a level of monochromatic.]

If you are working on anything this summer that has blue scraps at least 2.5-3 inches leftover, I would LOVE to have them and work them into this quilt.  I think that every blue with a greenish under-tone will work great.  1oz of fabric scraps only cost 44 cents to mail! (FYI...that's 1/8 yard or 12- 5" charm squares)  Send me an email if you don't have my mailing address and would like to help.

Everyone who sends fabric will qualify to win a yet to be determined prize that will be made with the leftover scraps.  I'm thinking tote bag, pillow, or if I get tons of scraps maybe a lap quilt.   Thanks in advance for sharing your trash.... :)


Cecily said...

Marjorie, my love... I think I have some for you. I should have some pieces left over from the stained glass one I made for my bed and I'll check my mom's stash too. Send me your address. :)

Mini MNM's said...

I don't think that I have any fabric, but I do have the wedding ring die for the accuquilt so if you want it cut, I can do that for you! Just let me know!

Ethne said...

Sorry Marjorie no scraps for you here - but if your short why don't you keep a stack of rings to one side of the quilt rather than all the way across give it a modern feel

Quilter in the Gap said...

I think I have some for you too. I will check but it will be about a week before I even have time to do that (see my last blog post). If you wouldn't mind, send me an email so that I can keep it in my inbox as a reminder. Thanks!

connie said...

I think I have some to send you, not too many but I am sure there are a few. Drop me your address and I will pop them in the mail.

What a fun project!

Victoria said...

I have several chunks that should work; they are the outside bits left behind by cutting Hawaiian Applique batiks. I notice you already have a dragonfly. Cheers, Anna