Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WOW: Wips on Wednesday

I went to a bike rally in Baker City, Oregon over the weekend.  This was tucked into my jacket pocket Saturday.  " But officer, I thought Oregon is a "Medicinal Fabric" state.  It's only 7/12ths of a yard.   I'm sure I have a prescription for this.... somewhere...."

Over the 3 days I managed to sneak into 4 quilt shops (2 others were closed and I peered sadly through the windows.)  In LaGrande, I bolted from the bar when the second round of drinks arrived and returned as the last sips were consumed having been to the bank, the fabric shop and taken a brisk walk.

Emily left this stack of goodies on my desk at work while I was gone Friday.  They were intended to help with the Turquoise Wedding Ring...but I'm thinking they may become their own small quilt.  The colors are so yummy together.

I'm posting my WIP Progress this morning, as I have a long day of work ahead with no quilting time.  Tuesday evening, I hand pieced together the Grape Basket block that I already had cut out for the USA quilt.  This is # 45 in Farmer's Wife.  The red fabric was sent by my grade-school friend Dianna who now lives in Washington.  We reconnected through Facebook a couple years ago.  I love that she helped with my fabric gathering, even though she isn't a quilter.  Why "Grape Basket" for Washington?  Great wineries of course.


Ethne said...

More fabric - wow your stash trunk must be bulging - great to see you had a good time last weekend though -and fabric, especially lovely batik like this is hard to resist

Rhonda G said...

Oh how much fun. I love shopping in Baker. I hit the antique shops years ago (the ones that were open anyway). Love to go back someday. It's only a few hours from me so I have no real excuse other then taking the time. LOL

CHRIS said...

Love the Farmers Wife quilt. Happy Days. Chris

Esther said...

This made me laugh because I found a rotary cutter in my handbag the other day at the supermarket?! As for fabric stashes and bulges, I'm not even going to start!