Monday, June 27, 2011

An interesting week

It's been an interesting few days.  I'll only share the good, quilty bits with all of you.

I got a turquoise fabric care package from Rhonda.  (However, this may be the start of a new baby quilt instead).

And another from Kristine. (Check out those shimmery dots!!!)

Kristine's fabrics arrived with this ADORABLE elephant pin cushion from Sonia!  This seriously was the only thing that got me through work today.  Every time I opened the drawer where it was stashed, it made me smile! 

I was supposed to be at a quilt retreat with these two last week and the gifts were completely unexpected and absolutely delightful.
Sunday, when I had run out of thread, I decided to run by the Boise Basin Quilt Show for a few minutes.  (We will just pretend that the show was anywhere near the store with the thread.)  I won this as a door prize.  I'd be more excited if it was colors or styles that I enjoy.  Any takers?

I was really impressed this year with the depth and variety of the quilts being displayed.  Unfortunately I am now consumed with the idea of a "Whisper" or "Telephone Game" challenge.  This link shows how this worked for one group.  Anyone interested in doing an on-line version of this challenge? 

I did actually stop at the fabric store closest to the quilt show.  They didn't have the brand or color of thread I was looking for, but this fabric was on a sale table by the door for $2/yard.  I didn't even know it was a border print until I took it to the cutting table.  As a dietitian, I just couldn't resist fabric with names of fruit all over it.
I was working furiously to try to finish the Charley Harper Cat quilt by Sunday night.  I still have about 1/3 of the filler sections between the leaves to stipple.

I just CAN'T WAIT to wash and dry this quilt.  The texture is going to be amazing. 

Hmmm.   I think I need to make friends with someone visually impaired.  I think I would really enjoy making a quilt for someone who couldn't "see" it, but still totally enjoy the design.

I better go hand wind a couple bobbins so I can finish this quilt  (yea...just one of many things that went bad this week.)



Looking forward to the Charley Harper reveal.
Hope your week improves.

Ethne said...

Oh dear - sounds like this is a week where you'd rather have stayed in bed - hopefully things will pick up as the week goes on

quilthexle said...

I sure hope your days improve !! And yes, playing an online version of "Whisper" would interest me - a lot ;-))

Natasha said...

Can't wait to see the reveal. I actually like the fabrics you won. I would be happy to take them off your hands.

Marcia W. said...

Are you offering the door prize fabrics up? If so, would like them as have a project where they would "go".

Victoria said...

Most of this week I've needed a puppy pile of sisters and babies and friends to help me through. The quilt you made for me is on my bed, and it is like a long-distance hug. Up With Quilts!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Hi, I clicked here from Amy's and have had a lovely half an hour stalking you. I think I am probably a piecer as I don't enjoy the quilting part much! I don't much like it when people promote their own blogs in comments, but I thought you might like to see my textures quilt that I am making fir a blind friend of mum's. The texture is more from piecing than quilting, but I hope she'll like it!