Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little Bits Of Progress

Since April, I have had great intentions to make a pillow from my friend Draggin.  There's a running joke about pillows as a safety device based on the fact that he tripped over a stack of pillows in the dark at the cabin we shared on the motorcycle version of the Shop Hop.  The block is "Oregon" which I thought was perfect since the incident was in Halfway, OR.  I spent 2 evenings last week making this so I could give it to him on a trip we took together to Enterprise, OR last weekend.

I couldn't stand the state blocks being out of order so I did some un-stitching and re-sewing of the SD and WI blocks.  The VT block I left in place and the only "tell" is that if you look closely at the block, I write in red ink the name of the state.  VT is upside down.

Here's a better pic than I posted before.  Amazing what a difference daylight makes.  Need to sew some corners on and decide about adding outer borders.

My plan for the afternoon is to get this Mayan Heron ready for quilting.  I added the outer border this morning.  I wasn't keen on the fabric, but determined to use up stash, put it on anyway.  Turns out that I really, really like it now that it's on.

I did the reverse applique years ago.  It's a Dover Clip Art pattern blown up.  A friend I was working with at the time put forth some really good arguments on why I should give it to her. She saw all kinds of symbolism, including the number "13" which appears on the bird's head.   I have been meaning to finish it for her.   Her husband passed away having lost a long health battle...on the 13th..."their day".  

I'm going to hand quilt this one.  With the wool batting I've been hoarding.

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LynCC said...

Isn't it funny how that happens with fabric? I mis-judged how much fabric I'd need for my arcs on my double wedding ring project and had to pull a couple pieces from stash to supplement my birthday bash shopping. One in particular I just almost gagged over every time I've seen it the last 10 years or so and almost threw it out several times, but IT LOOKS SO GREAT in the mix that I put it with. Go figure!