Sunday, September 29, 2013


V1302 is officially a disaster.  Using the sewist's vocabulary, it's a wadder (as in wad it up and chuck it out.)

I knew it would be questionable since the pattern calls for charmeus, silk jersey or shantung, and I was using a t-shirt knit.

This view is the best part of the whole thing.  The waistline ruching doesn't look too bad.  The upper part of the zipper, if I would be inclined to finish it, would need some hand stitching because the bulk makes it too much for the machine.

I lengthened the underarm seam by nearly 2", making the arm hole smaller.  This is a problem area for me that creates gaping in multiple spots at the neck and arms. That was a good call as the armhole depth would be perfect once the arm holes were finished.

 My other clever moment was when I realized that since I wasn't adding a lining to the dress, I could use the foundation piece as a lining and I finished the back and front neckline as I was basting on the the gathered panels.  That would leave just the arm holes to finish with a bias binding.
Here's where things start to fall apart.

The pattern review that I read warned about it being too tight and made for high, small, perky boobs.   It is snug.  Which causes the wearer to decide if gathers should go above or below the breasts.

The connecting point of the cross-over wrap made it pull in nicely at the narrow part of my waist.  But that made the front ruching go all catty-wompus.

The length of the raw hem is where the finished length is on the photo.

Even when it was still hanging  and not attached to the back, I had concerns about the shape and location of the ruched panels on the front.

What to do now?
I had considered removing the ruched sections and just making the base dress.  Unfortunately, the empire waist is also not right for my body and the seam is right across the nipple line.

Maybe I'll try to save the skirt and add a waist band.  Or maybe not.


Mary said...

Well, what can I say? That's a lovely shade of blue. :-) Please join me for tea and cookies on the patio after we both throw away our recent work (my pants...gack!)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

we've all been there Marjorie :) Things even more shameful than that that cannot even be seen...I would say wad the lot and move on to much better things...

Nanna said...

bless your heart, at least you held out to the end! I'm working on 2 challenged due today, anything & everythng that could go wrong with a machine has for mine this week lol~

L said...

Like Sarah said, we've all been there. Perhaps you can salvage some of the fabric for undergarments, bindings, or cleaning rags. =) The last suggestion is usually the option I take!

Victoria said...

Sometimes the lesson is we don't have to finish everything. Sometimes we do need to keep the single block or half finished quilt top as a record of a technique or an unrequited love (for a fabric, I hasten to add)but there are times when a Deep Six is appropriate. Your friends will never admit they saw the work in progress. "What blue dress?"