Monday, September 2, 2013

UFO Finishes

 Last night after the quilt debacle, I decided to clean my sewing room in hopes that would motivate me to get some of the countless clothing projects done.

I finished 2 things.

Neither on the "to do" list (of course).

There were still bags of stuff yet unpacked from the quilt retreat in early July.  I discovered the Runaround Bag pattern from Lazy Girl Designs which was a gift from one of my quilt buddies, along with the 2 fat quarters to make it.

I remember now why I never buy patterns.  It's because I never follow them anyway.   I cut the fabric differently from the directions which yielded more leftovers. (To be fair, the cutting directions were for a directional fabric.)  I added an inside pocket and a key loop. This is the inside lining before assembly.

As promised, it is quick and easy.  The zipper directions I found particularly clever.

I added topstitching wherever the instructed said they were optional.  I also topstitched the strap close to each outside edge instead of down the center as the directions state.

I like the outside pocket on the back.  I made the strap about 42" long so I could wear it across my body.  I imagine putting my phone in that outside pocket so I can easily reach it and attach headphones for walking to work and listening to music.

My only criticism of the design is that with my big key fob, change purse and phone, the whole thing is a little...slumpy.

There is a loose layer of batting between the lining and the back.

This is totally worth making again...maybe next time with some free motion quilting panels or some stiff stabilizer to de-slump it from my heavy load.

About 5 months ago, I was all excited about sewing some leather into clothing in anticipation of the fact I knew I would be spending a lot of time on the motorcycle.

While on rides, I've designed dozens of great things in my head.  I also bought patterns of the basic shapes I imagined.  I have drawers of linings and zippers and knit fabrics for tanks to wear with them.  Unfortunately, leather is easy to sew with, but not forgiving.  Only one shot.  Thus the critical need for muslins.

After pricing leather hides (hundreds a hide for nice stuff), I started scouring thrift stores.  I am particularly fond of 80's style coats as they have oodles of yards. (They are also cheap since no one wants them.)  These 4 ugly coats cost me only about $50.  They are of similar weights and I imagine many outfits from this.

One spring day, I pulled out the seam ripper and removed the arms from the least ugly jacket (bottom right in the photo above).  I thought it had potential to become a vest without having to be completely resewn.
Today, I was fairly successful.

I took nearly an inch of  volume out where there was seam where you want to add a dart in the bust/arm hole.  I also put a 1.5" curved waist curve on each side.

The pocket project started well but ended ugly.  Since there were no outside pockets, I used what used to be the sleeves as pockets with the cuff edge being the top of the pocket.  I had to remove some snaps that were in the way.  The shape of the sleeves mimics my hip curves.  They are top stitched into place.

Unfortunately, as careful as I was with placement, things shifted.  There are also some gathers on the bottom of one pocket.  Leather stretches.  At times, it's more like sewing with pizza dough than fabric.

I'm thinking it's time to fashion a leather flower out of the scraps to sew on the center front where the left pocket (right side of photo) and you and I will be the only ones to know that pocket isn't even.  Shhhhh!!!

Be sure to check out the Addendum post for the flower addition.

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SarahLizSewStyle said...

The flower was a great addition. In my opinion it sort of makes the jacket - it's not what you would expect, so it adds great quirk appeal.