Monday, September 2, 2013


Flower added.

What error?  Where?

Unfortunately, when I have the lining pocket loaded up, it pulls down on that left arm hole.

I went back and added some stay-stitching.

I started on the flower with scrap leather, a shank style button, black thread, a sturdy quilting needle and some new sharp scissors.

I started by cutting some 1.5" strips.

After a couple bad options, those 2 strips were cut in thirds and petals cut from them.

 I started with 5 petals, but in the end, my 6th one made it balanced.

Rounded fringe for the inner section.

Pretty darn cute.


Nanna said...

t's a cute idea to add the flowers, looks nice!

Victoria said...

Grasshopper,you have learned well. There are no errors, only design decisions.