Saturday, July 24, 2010

The First 4 State Blocks

"Corn & Beans" - Iowa
"Ohio Star" -Ohio
"Crockett Cabin" - Tennesee
"Anvil" - Pennsylvania.

I've been talking with friends and family in several states, but realize that I don't have connections in some states.  If you live in or will be visiting one of the following states, would you be willing to buy 1/8 yard of red for me?

Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas Minnesota, Missisipi, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota


Quilting in the Pines said...

I sent you an e-mail. I'd be happy to do North Dakota and Minnesota. I have a friend in South Carolina, too.

Let me know your address.

Chartreuse Moose said...

Looking great! What fun to watch your quilt grow by states!