Monday, July 4, 2011

Life Events

For better or worse, I hit a new level of quilt gift giving.  One that I only fully appreciated when I was sneaking gift quilts into a funeral home.

Our friend who went missing while traveling across the state in March, was found in a shallow reservoir last week.  Although we all appreciate the closure of the funeral, we still desperately miss Grant.  On the Thursday before the Saturday funeral I found myself sending Kathy (the widow) the text message "How weird would it be for me to bring you and Alex quilts instead of flowers?  Would it be a welcoming hug to wrap up in, or a painful reminder?" Her reply "Sweet and more thoughtful." 

She and Alex can now wrap themselves in the Shop Hop Quilt and Blue Lemonade knowing that it's the only hug-on-demand I can manage from 300 miles away. 

Later the same day my quilt mentor, best friend, and also long and dear friend of Grant and Kathy made this post about quilts as hugs.  Please take the time to follow the link.  I think that many of us quilt for this very reason. 

I'm thinking that have Hug Quilts on hand may be a new requirement in my life.

We came home Sunday of the holiday weekend because of my teen's oh so important social lives.  I had just had my grandmother's sewing machine tuned up and decided to pull her out to do a piecing project.  I have never before understood why people felt obliged to name machines (I honestly have hated nearly every sewing machine I've met).
But now... well...I'm calling her Genevieve in honor of my g'ma.  She has one stitch.  "Forward".  There are two adjustments...the tension on the left and stitch length on the right.  The vibration was moving the stitch length downward, so I had to use some copper "safety wire" to manage the length. 

 Remember those turquoise fabric scraps I asked help with?  This is what they look like today.  Well...kind-of.  In good light, the blue is less green and the grey is more blue. 

I saw the groom-to-be at the funeral who pulled me aside to let me know he was now engaged.  PSHSHHH.  Yea, dude, I know....I've already started the quilt.  I'm a Mom.  We know everything.


Ann Marie said...

I am with you on giving HUG quilts that can be used everyday as gifts. It is a wonderful idea, that I hope catches on.

Love your wedding ring quilt, the colors are wonderful. It is on my list of going to do before the end of the year, just trying to finish up a few others first using only my stash. So I can go shopping in all batiks for mine. Can't wait to see what it looks like when your done.

RETRO-Fabulous Blog said...

I think you bring HUGS in many forms to people every day.
Happy Stitching,

Ethne said...

Marjorie - HUGS never go wrong they can say more than a thousand words and your gifts will no doubt be treasured and cherished - what a brilliant idea
I love the wedding ring quilt and the colours will give it a real modern feel
Give yourself a hug, you deserve it
Hugs from me to you oooooo

Raewyn said...

I went to the linked post and agree so much--even the expression 'hugs quilt' gives me the warm fuzzies. So neat that you had some quilted hugs on hand you could give to the family.

Wendy said...

I agree with the giving of HUG quilts in times like these.....after all they can keep the quilt to snuggle under and know someone is thinking of them.....whereas flowers fade and are gone over time......your hug quilt will last them a lifetime.....

So sorry for the end result for your friend.....but it is good to know his family will now have closure and that healing can take place.....

Quilting in the Pines said...

Love the colors of this wedding ring quilt!

My guild does"sunshine" quilts for people in our area. It is amazing the positive impact these quilts make in bad times.