Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP on Wed

Well...I've got nothing. 

Ok, almost nothing.

All the bitching and moaning on Esther's Yahoo Group about the bird feet reminded me that I had failed to put the second bird foot on my block b/c I'd done a poor job of tracing the design, and I'm using back basting technique.  However, the new foot (on the left...uh...blurry...sorry) made the previous one look like there was some clinically significant edema requiring medical attention.

So, I pulled out some stitches and made the right foot skinnier.  Then stitched down all the bird body parts that got unstitched when I replaced the chartreuse beak and legs with yellow.

Most of my time this week was spent buying, blogging, and eating fruits and veggies.  We are having a month-long challenge at work to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies (2.5 cups) daily and exercise at least 30 minutes, 3 days per week. I threw down an additional challenge for who could eat the most different types and varieties.  My boss and I got into a serious competition and my variety list is over 60 for the week. Two of my fellow Registered Dietitians are even (believe it or not) more determined to win.  I'm averaging 7 servings per day.  And I should have scheduled a colonoscopy.  No prep needed...if you know what I mean. 


Julie Fukuda said...

Yeah, ya gotta have feet that match. Rats! I hate un-sewing but that is one cute birdie.

Ethne said...

Just as well you rectified the deformed foot - looking 100% better now

Esther said...

Seriously I love my birdy feet and yours are super cute too!

Love the veg challenge, 7 servings sounds serious, maybe you should add a catergory for the most unusual veg too?

Victoria said...

So lovely to see you eating your veggies (as always) and fruits! I am jealous of your cherry crop. Our cherry growers are reporting a 10 % of normal crop. On the other hand, I have at least a half bushel of apricots (not many, but huge) ripening on the tree outside my kitchen window.

Quilting in the Pines said...

Love your eating challenge. I have been trying new recipes all summer from my vegetarian Times magazine. Made Millet tabuleh for dinner tonight.