Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cat Parts

I hope you don't have a weak I intend to show dis-imbodied cat parts.  Here's the cat face.  Ears and whiskers will be added later.

And here's a cat-tail, with some misc spots.

So here's the great irony...I really, really dislike the whole process of freezer paper applique....

But it occurred to me that I had this fancy-smancy circle cutter that I bought for scrapbooking and pretty much never use.  Turns out that it works better on freezer paper than it ever did on scrapbook paper.  Also, it messed up on smaller diameter circles, but not ones that were 2 inches or larger.

The next challenge on the project is making the cat body. was 68 degrees and sunny this afternoon.  So when Harley Dude got off work at 2:00, we hopped on the bike and headed North.  I can honestly say that I was half-way to Crouch before I realized that it wasn't Sunday (the day we usually ride) and that Stich & Snip would be open.

(I snapped this just as he was saying "When should I start to worry that you haven't shown up")

After I was dropped off, I managed to purchase these lovelies before I walked back down the hill to the bar.

(As I walked through the restaurant side, an employee I'd never seen before said "He's on the back patio"  and 20 steps further the unfamiliar bar-keep said..."You must be the wife...what would you like to drink?"  Like I'm the only biker chick in town...oh wait, I was today.)

Ok.  Maybe I bought these too.

Tragically, I found out while I was there that the Treasure Valley Shop Hop theme this year is Batiks.  It starts April 7th.  Who's driving to Baker & Halfway, Oregon with me?


connie said...

I love how this is coming together. I can hardly wait for more. Looks like the biker chick had a great time.

Marj said...

Oh! I wish that I lived in your area. I love batiks and shop hops. Have fun on your treasure hunt.

Wendy said...

Your cat is coming along great.....can't wait to see it finished....those batiks are yummy....

Ethne said...

Oh you are blessed with an understanding and patient DH - I'd rarely get a chance to take as long as I'd want in a quilting shop if he was with me
Great fabrics and your cat is coming on a real treat.

Bailey said...

I was searching "Treasure Valley Shop Hop" and your blog came up! A few friends and I are doing the Oregon run this Saturday and the McCall/Garden Valley run next Saturday! Good luck out there!