Monday, March 14, 2011

Cat Planning

limb on a limb
I've been out of the blog loop for a while dealing with a double tragedy at our house.  My husband's best friend has gone missing while driving across the state (270 miles) on rural road to our town for a business meeting then to hang out with us.  While the searching was going on, my husband's cousin and his girlfriend died in a plane crash.  All 3 are from the small town of Rexburg, ID.  It certainly doesn't compare in scope to the tragedies in Japan, but is much more personally devastating and emotionally draining.

Last night when I was told to "step away from the computer" I was able to report that I was, in fact, surfing quilt-porn.  This is the term used at our house for blogs.  DH listens to Blah-Blah (talk radio). I spent some time graphing out the cat design for the Charley Harper Quilt Along and am currently looking at making a 64" x 64" quilt.  That'll make the cat's face about 8" across, with the tail 5.25" wide and arms 4.5" wide.


connie said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I can not imagine what it is like to have a friend missing. I will be sending good thoughts your direction, hang in there. It has been a wild week hasn't it.

I wish I had the time to join you in this quilt along, the inspiration is so fun. I have a cat that looks just like the kitty at the top of your page. Good Luck and I will be watching. :-)

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry. Such compounded personal loss. I'd be surfing quilt porn, too and trying to seek out normalcy. Find what calms you. I made a mug rug, a B, and worked on completing a swap quilt all while my husband was trapped on a train in Japan this weekend. I forgot to eat for 12 hours, too. Thankfully, I kept feeding my kids, but ya, do your thing and take it easy. Hope your friend is found soon and safe. And I'll be looking forward to you huge kitty.

West Michigan Quilter said...

So sorry to hear about your losses. My prayers are with you. I'm sure I'd be surfing too. Blogging friends are so comforting. I'm looking forward to seeing your kitty. Looks like it will be a large quilt! That should get your mind of things for a while. Take care and a big hug.

RETRO-fabulous said...

I'm thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. So sorry to hear of your recent losses.
Best Wishes & Warm hugs,

Ethne said...

Still praying Marjorie - hugs

Robin said...

I'm so sorry. I wish you the best during this difficult time.

Thankfully, quilt porn is always there to keep us company and keep our minds moving forward to the next things. I'm excited to watch your cat quilt grow. :)