Monday, May 13, 2013


The quilt project I really need to be working on is FMQ.  But I need to take over the dining room table.  So I decided to wait for the weekend and started sewing together some 9 patch blocks when I had some time last week.

But then the weekend became a gardening project.

And a chance to try my new sippy cup.

And then it got too hot for gardening.  So we rode to Stanley for lunch.

Thanks to the gardening and the ride, my back & shoulders are too sore to FMQ.  Maybe I'll take a nap instead.


Nanna said...

lol! I know about procrastination, a lot of my projects go by the wayside if they aren't dealt with first thing in the morning, if I try to sew, quilt etc at night, my bed keeps calling me lol!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I tend to put that off too....why?? I bought a long arm because I wanted to learn...and I still do everything else first!! I will never improve this way....right???? lol

Julie Fukuda said...

One thing about procrastination, it looks so good when I am not the only one doing it!!!

Lynne said...

Lovely quilt top -- it will be even more lovely after the FMQ!