Sunday, June 8, 2014

Groom's Quilt

A while ago I started a new tradition of a "Groom's Quilt".  A quilt made in a style and color that the bride will like, but completely for the purpose of use by the Groom, because "We know you will be sleeping on the couch".    If things don't work out....the groom gets the quilt in the divorce settlement.

As I was preparing this post, I wondered if this is Universal.  I need my international blog friends to weigh in.  Culturally in the USA, if a male spouse does something "wrong" he may find himself banished to the couch instead of the shared matrimonial bed.

The back

With a alien looking in on the process.  Oh, I guess that was my shadow.

Close up of the machine quilting.   I had plans for filling those half hexis with feathers, but decided that this was enough quilting for it's purpose.

Much Love and Happiness Angel and Leo.  (Mr & Mrs Taz)

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Archie the wonder dog said...

A great quilt and a great idea! I suspect that UK husbands get the settee (couch) if there's no spare bed and a cold shoulder won't suffice!